Getting a low-effort job with high pay is rare. But some fortunate individuals do come across such opportunities. Learning about such jobs can be beneficial if you’re currently looking for employment. A user asked the forum, “What’s a low-effort job with a surprisingly high salary in the United Kingdom?”

Here are the top responses!


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“Scrum Master is a classic one. I’m not sure what the market is like for them currently, but there was a time when this was a £60-80k job with minimal stress/effort, as most things were someone else’s responsibility to worry about, like a nanny for grown-ups.

You can get certified on a two-day course.”


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“A locksmith, they charge so high because it is so essential, however, once you are trained, it’s fairly easy.”


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“Get to middle management; there is no actual work, but the pressure is crazy insane, and half the time, you are powerless to make meaningful changes.

Yeah, basically a wall to stop those below from annoying those above, and a punching bag for both sides. But there isn’t much actual work.”


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“Project management in Information technology.”


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“Statistician, I earn £80k/year, including pension contributions, and it’s the easiest and least stressful job in the world.”


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“Train driver. No education. Starting salary in 2010 was £52k at 22 years old, a 32-hour four-day week. No student debt. Now over £75k, still a 32-hour 4-day week, with overtime and Sundays over £90k. I doubt there are many jobs where you aren’t at least a senior manager who gets that wage or has some degree. 

To sit on your butt for a few hours a day and look out a window. It’s not like we drive a whole 8 hours. We probably actually work 4/5 hours despite shift length. So I drive a train (work) maybe a little over 20 hours a week.”


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“I’m an excavator operator. £65k basic but currently earning over £2k a month in overtime at the minute.”


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“Executive Team for any National Health Service(NHS) hospital in the UK.”


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“Financial regulator, 60k to do nothing.”


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“I handle insurance claims. I work from home four days a week on my couch in front of the TV and one day in the office surrounded by idiots. I’ve been doing the job for years; I can do it with my eyes closed. I’m contracted to 40 hours, but on an average week, I spend 25-30 of those hours working. I’ll be gaming on my personal laptop and have my work laptop set up next to it. 

I make £31.5k before bonuses; nothing to shout about, but the work/life balance is excellent. Easy work, easy money. Plus, there is as much overtime as I like at double the rate; last year, with overtime and bonus, my top line was about 40k.”


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“Most Chief Executive Officers I’ve known delegate all the work to other staff. I have worked for one large chain, and the Chief Executive Officers there used to turn up at the head office twice a week. 

The rest of the time, they could only be contacted by mobile. The Managers and staff did all the work and reaped the rewards along with the investors. Four years worked there for four years with only one pay rise. Hence, I changed jobs and career lines.”


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“Not in the £60k bracket, but I’m a business consultant/process improvement consultant. I spent three months learning about the business, three months collecting and analyzing data, and then three months working out what to change and how much it would save. Once it’s presented to the business, my job is done. 

Whether or not they make the changes I suggest is irrelevant to my manager. Most importantly, once I log off for the day, that’s it, no stress, no out-of-hours.”


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“I made 130k last year as an Information Technology Desktop Support Manager, but I was doing Audio Visual work. I’m now seeking my next contract as an Information Technology Desktop Manager. I saw a job advertisement for an Information Technology Service Desk Manager for £700-£900 a day here in London.”


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“Being a TikTok content creator. Does that even count as a job? I suppose if you get paid. All you have to do is some stupid, cringe-worthy dance, lip-sync, and more.”


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“Solution Sales. Once you’ve put a graft in for the first five years, getting a £60k basic with double on-target earnings for managing relationships is not uncommon. 

I’ve gone from making 35k doing 100 calls a day to making over £100k having a team of business developers manage my diary for me; all I do is turn up to team meetings and make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time and make sure all of the paperwork, which is drawn up by my sales operations team, is correct.”

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