We all know the feeling of shelling out extra cash for things we buy regularly, even when we know they’re overpriced. Whether it’s because of convenience, our loyalty to specific brands, or simply keeping up with the crowd, there are items we can’t resist buying despite the higher cost. 

A user asked the forum, “What item is overpriced, but everyone still buys it?”. Here are some responses he got!


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“Kitty litter. For the price they charge, you’d think it was a spa experience for cats.”


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“A basic metal frame, some padding/stuffing, and some fabric can easily cost you £1000 or more. There are cheaper ones out there, but given how many are made/delivered in the United Kingdom, amazingly, the economies of scale haven’t pushed down the pricing.”


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“Calculators, a graphic calculator is roughly 120 New Zealand Dollars, and it’s only dropped about $20 in the last ten years. They can monopolize because you can’t use your phone, which does everything it can, and more.”


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“For us Vita gamers, those stupid memory cards. 32 GB flash drives are like 13 bucks, 32 GB SD cards are 22 bucks, and yet 32 GB memory cards for the Vita are around 60-70 bucks.”


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“Anything brand name, especially food or clothes. Oh yeah, and baby shoes. Why are you buying baby Air Jordans? The kid can’t even walk yet. Put two socks on his feet and call it a day.”


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“Essence Reaver, the mana back is not worth the price even after they lowered it. It’s a trap for newbies on most champions.”


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“Bottled water, typical markup from cost of water is 1000 to 3000 percent on a retail bottle. Higher than diamonds, gasoline, basically higher than anything.”


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“Sometimes it’s just as affordable to buy a whole new printer rather than replace the cartridge.”


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“Heat some milk and a spoonful of yogurt. Twenty-four hours later, you have a bucket of the stuff.”


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“You have mental problems? Oh, sorry, only rich people are allowed to get better.”


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“Three times the global price for US citizens is the kicker. The companies are not allowed to lower the price!”


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“That builds up quickly. I’d much rather grow a beard and save money in the process. Yes, I am aware of Dollar Shave Club. Still prefer a beard.”


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“The 15-dollar cable is just as good as the 100-dollar, gold-plated cable the store will try to sell you and they still sell them, showing that people are stupid and still buying them.”


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“But the price is because one company (De Beers) has a monopoly over the diamond industry and can raise the prices ridiculously high.”


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“Even if it’s included in a package as unlimited texting for $9, you’d need to send over 100k in a month to get close to what it would cost in data.”


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“Starbucks coffee is really inexpensive. The overpriced part comes in when you order a triple soy Carmel Americans latte with extra chocolate, sprinkles, and whipped cream, but you can’t complain about spending $4 on a dessert drink. It’s not coffee.”


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“I used not to buy them because I knew how much they marked them up at fast food places, but then I realized they are delicious.”

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