While every generation has levied their fair share of complaints and criticisms towards their predecessors, it remains to be seen what millennials will be held accountable for in the years to come.

A netizen recently asked, “What will millennial be blamed for in 50 years?” We’ve compiled the best responses below. 

YouTube And TikTok Families

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“YouTube and TikTok families. Maybe a rampage of stolen identities because of how many parents currently share their children’s information online.” 

Raising Kids With The Help Of Internet & Gadgets 

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“For raising their babies with tablets and the internet.”, said one. 

“I cringe every time I see moms and parents holding their toddlers in buses absorbed by a tablet they can barely hold. It’s already over.”, another added. 

Collapse Of Digital Privacy

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“Collapse of digital privacy.”, said one. 

“This is by far the number 1 problem that is created now. So much is focused on convenience and “child protection” while privacy is getting destroyed. Without privacy, there is also no democracy.”, another added. 

Being Robophobes

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“Being robophobes. No, I don’t respect your relationship with an AI bot.”, said one. 

“I don’t doubt that one day AI relationships will be a thing, but millennial better not be the ones who are accepting of it after everything that is going on now.”, another added 

Open-Concept Houses

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“Open-concept houses with gray/beige/taupe *everything*, sharp edges, and vessel sinks.”, said one.

“Agreed. I think we will definitely see a trend away from open-concept floor plans (maybe we already are?). Honestly, having actual rooms to go into just feels more *cozy*.”, another added. 

Painting Over Hardwood Trim & More

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“Painting over hardwood trim, cabinets, etc.”, said one. 

“Entire houses in shades of white with trinkets and signs somehow being called ‘farmhouse’ despite being entirely impractical if you happen to actually live on a farm, or property, or near the property, or near a dirt road and like to open the window…”, another added. 


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“I’m hopeful we’ll crack that problem between using it in roads as filler and turning it back into petrochemicals or something” 

Population Shortages

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“Another great one. Even though it is currently difficult to imagine, we will see countries have population decline in our lifetimes. It may get to a point where countries who still have positive reproduction rates will influence politics on an unequal level.” 

Killing The Dying Industry

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“Killing the dying industry. Everybody wants to be a tree or something. Not paying $100,000 for a plot is ruining the American cemetery, have they no respect for our traditions?”, said one. 

“Good riddance! I’m a boomer and prefer to be cremated or composted if it’s an option.”, another added. 

Not Taking Charge Of Environmental Issues 

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“Not doing anything about the environment even though we tried.”, said one. 

“It’s so frustrating.  I still try.  I mostly bike to work, except when I’m taking my family when I drive my electric car.  I buy carbon offsets because renewable electricity doesn’t exist where I live.  I compost.  I recycle.  I reduce plastic waste.  I’m vegetarian.

Then I watch someone drive a Ford 250 to the grocery to buy 30 steaks, and it just feels pointless.  Like until the boomers get out of the way, I’m not sure how we can do anything.  It’s so… disheartening.”, another added. 

Not Raising Kids Properly 

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“Completely skipping the raising part of having a child.” 


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“Complicity. Not fighting hard enough to fix a broken system.” 

Not Fighting For Their Rights 

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“Not taking to the streets like the French do when rights are taken away.”

Not Contributing Enough Towards The Economy

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“For not contributing enough to keep the economy afloat because they’re STILL paying off their student loans.” 

Not Voting

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“Not enough of our generation voting and allowing these shenanigans to continue to happen and mess everything up long term. Just vote!” 

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