There are things/ideas people believe about America that may not be entirely true. A user asked the forum, “What is the biggest lie America tells its people ?” Here are the top responses. 


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“That America is for the people by the people.”


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“Politicians care about you.”


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“That we need to be more worried about poor people ‘abusing the system’ than we do rich people manipulating the system to hoard their wealth.”


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“All military personnel are heroes.”


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“That the wars they wage are for moral reasons and not to line the pockets of the lobbyists.”


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“Best country in the World. Free.”


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A user said, “That we cannot afford healthcare for all. We absolutely can.”
Another added, “That universal healthcare is impossible. It’s possible if you tax the rich a tiny bit more (i.e., at all). It’s possible if you stop putting enormous amounts of money into the police. It’s possible if you stop spending billions on unjust wars.”


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“That anyone in the District of Columbia cares about the ‘little people.'”


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“Hard work will make you rich. I’ve never seen a wealthy construction worker, teacher, or hospitality worker. Only the already rich exploit workers and pay off our government to make themselves even more prosperous.”


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“That the army is sent overseas to fight for their freedom.”


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“The whole concept of the ‘American Dream.'”


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“Just vote them out. Why didn’t we think of that? Politicians will never support the policies needed to keep themselves in check.”


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“There isn’t enough money for social programs.”


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“This is the number one country for women’s rights. We have a long way to go, and it varies wildly depending on where you live in the United States.”


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“That socialism is bad. Many carriers in America have unions, and unions have some socialist values.”

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