Conspiracy theories are fun and exciting to know. They evoke curiosity and trigger us to learn more about it. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the most absurd conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?” Here are the top responses. 


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“That mesas are mountainous trees cut down by giants.”


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“The moon is a hologram.”


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“The Earth is not merely flat, but also boundless. As in, it extends forever in every direction. The part we know is only a small enclosed space within an infinite plane of continents, oceans, etc. 

The nearest continents to us are the ‘lost civilizations,’ like Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. It’s an absurd idea but a real fun idea for a fantasy story concept.”


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“The lottery is a trap to capture time travelers.”


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“In South Korea, there is a conspiracy that when the Japanese colonized Korea between 1910 and 1945, they forced the English spelling to change from ‘Corea’ to ‘Korea’ so that ‘Japan’ would come first in the English dictionary.”


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“During the ’90s, a white supremacist group claimed that thousands of years ago, Jews had spaceships and traveled to a place called Planet X, where they got black people and brought them back the earth, then invented professional sports as a tactic to get ‘white’ (Anglo-Saxon) women to sleep with black men.”


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“I had a friend around 2011 who was always telling me about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) death camps we were all gonna be sent to any day now.”


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“That all dinosaur fossils are fake and were somehow planted by scientists. Funny how they always seem able to get to places most humans can’t get to and don’t want to go, like under 30 feet of rock.”


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“A guy I used to work with was training me on my first day. The first 6 hours went great, and I thought he was a cool and smart individual. 

Then he tells me he used to smoke meth and went on and on about how trumps still in power and that Hillary and Obama died in 2008 but were replaced by clones, how they drink the blood of little children too. He was dead serious. Would have never expected that from him.”


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“The great fire of London was started by a rat spontaneously combusting.”


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“There’s a guy at my local pub who lives in a van, and he told me that bicycle helmets are a conspiracy from Big Cycling and the human skull is strong enough to survive any collision on a bike. 

He’s one of those conspiracy theorists who thinks they’re the smartest guy in the room and onto something nobody else is.”


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“The microchip in vaccines. That makes no logical sense; most people have phones. I think it was a fake one/said as a joke; I’ve never heard anyone say they believed it. That and the bird one.”


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“In 2006, George Washington Bush was going to declare a national emergency to stop the election in 2008 and use emergency powers to come up with subsequent terms and stay in power.”


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“The moon landing was fake even though we did it several more times.”


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“Clones. Everyone’s a clone these days. Remember Damar Hamlin, the football player who collapsed on the field last year? He’s dead. The Damar Hamlin you saw at The Super Bowl was a clone. 

Same thing with Jamie Fox. Same thing with Eminem. He tried to leave the rap game in 2004, and the Illuminati had him killed and replaced with a clone. 

Tom Cruise is dead, but he sold his image to Scientology, which still uses Artificial Intelligence to have him in films. Also, Avril Lavigne, for some reason. There are others I’m forgetting.”

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