Weddings are a time to celebrate love and commitment, but sometimes the signs of trouble are already there. From obvious arguments to subtle body language, there are a number of red flags that can indicate a doomed relationship. If you’re concerned that your relationship might not be headed in the right direction, it’s important to pay attention to these warning signs.

Several red flags can signal a doomed relationship, from obvious arguments to subtle body language. A Redditor recently asked “What is the biggest “this relationship won’t last” red flag you’ve ever seen at a wedding?” and here are the top answers:

1. Changing For The Relationship

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At a wedding, the bride’s speech about how the groom changed his personality for the relationship was a worrying sign.

“Attended a wedding where the bride talked, not about her love for him or how great he is, but more about how he changed so much of his personality for her & how that made everything perfect.” a user said.

2. Groom Forgets Ring At Wedding, Bride’s Response Hints At Marital Issues

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“The groom had the ring in his pocket but forgot which one, and the bride, visually annoyed, said that that’s the kind of guy she was marrying. They divorced within the year.” a Redditor said.

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3. Bride Throws Fake Wedding While Groom Is Still Married

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The bride’s decision to throw a fake wedding to please her religious family and collect gifts while the groom was still married showed a lack of genuine commitment, resulting in a quick divorce.

“I was a bridesmaid in a wedding, and right after the ceremony, the bride told me this wasn’t a wedding because the groom couldn’t get married as he was still married to someone else. She was three months pregnant and was throwing a fake wedding to please her religious family and collect money/gifts. So that was cool. They “divorced” within a year.” a user shared.

4. Mismatched Dressing And Look Of Disgust Foreshadow

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This behavior shows a lack of respect and communication between the couple and a potential imbalance in their expectations for the relationship, ultimately leading to a separation just six months later.

“At the end of the ceremony, she changed into an extremely fancy going-away outfit – tight and purple and laced up down the sides. He changed into an old t-shirt and shorts that reeked of stale student-bachelor sweat and said, “Oh, I didn’t know we were dressing up.” She gave him a look of the purest hatred and disgust. They separated six months later.” said one.

5. Groom Forgets Bride’s Name During Toast

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This shows a potential lack of attention and care from the groom toward the bride, which could have contributed to the short-lived nature of their marriage.

“The groom forgot the bride’s name during his toast to her and called her a similar but very different name. (Like, if her name was Brenda, he called her Brittney.) It lasted two years.” a user said.

6. Bride Laughs at “For Richer or Poorer” Vow

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During their wedding vows, the bride laughed and refused to say the “for richer or poorer” part, which shows that the discussion over the financial aspect was improper, despite their continued success.

“During the vows, the bride laughed at the “for richer or poorer” part and wouldn’t say it. Somehow, they’re still going strong. I sure hope he never loses his job.” said one.

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7. Groom Flirts With Bridesmaid

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The groom’s flirtatious behavior towards a bridesmaid and focus on drinking with his friends rather than spending time with the bride was a behavior that showed no interest in the bride, further leading to a quick divorce.

“Groom was sending texts to a very uninterested bridesmaid all night, and the groom was also more interested in getting wasted with his buddies than being with the bride. There were also red flags BEFORE the wedding, and no surprise they were divorced in less than a year.” a user said.

8. Insensitive comment From Bride To Groom’s Sister

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“Went to a wedding for one of my older (male) cousins who has two sisters about my age. The bride talked to the oldest sister (whom the groom was very close to) and said Just, so you know, you’re not the most important girl in his life anymore. I am.” said one.

The bride’s comment to the groom’s sister at a wedding was insensitive and demonstrated a lack of consideration for others’ feelings. It was an example of thoughtless behavior.

9. Unsmiling Bride

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“The bride did not smile, neither during the ceremony nor during the reception, and she never cracked a smile.” a Redditor said.

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10. Joke About Groom’s Potential Future Weddings

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“Older guy marrying a young Eastern European. The groom’s friend said at the reception, “This party is great. I hope I get invited to the one next year.” The guy had been married a few times before.” said one. 

11. Organising Someone 

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“The father of the bride made a speech about how he saw his daughter ‘organising’ the groom over time. Basically, instead of telling a story of their burgeoning love, it was a tale of how she began to control him over time. Was cringey. Lasted 3 years” said one. 

12. When Their Dad Asks You Not To Marry Their Kid

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“At my brothers first wedding his fiances dad came into the room we were using to get ready and told my brother that if he wanted to leave that he would take care of all the people Inside and he wouldnt even be mad. My brother did it anyway. Divorced 4 months later.” said one. 

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