You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to impress a girl. Just a small, thoughtful gift will do the job.

A user asked the forum, “Girls, what small gifts would make your heart melt?”. Here are the top responses.


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“A single flower (preferably stolen from a neighbor’s front garden), a short handwritten note, and your social security number.”


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“My husband got me a small hand crank music box that I casually mentioned I liked while window shopping the prior year. The fact that he cared so much to remember that specific music box meant so much and made me cry.” 


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“I love wearing worn hoodies and receiving gifts when I least expect it.”


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“An ex-boyfriend once learned to make a dish from my culture that he isn’t from. It wasn’t even the easiest thing to cook; honestly, it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me. 

I didn’t want any other gift after that; that was enough.”


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“Music. If someone buys me a song I like on a phone or sends me a gift card, I love it. That kind of gift will last a long time, and while it may hurt after a breakup, it shows just how much the other person cares about you, that they pick something you will cherish more than its value.”


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” I enjoy receiving something handmade or snacks that I like.”


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“Baked goods. Especially when someone bakes it for you.”


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“A stuffed animal or something small I could carry around is a great gift.”


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“Mostly food; give me a donut or my favorite pizza, and my heart will melt like butter on a hot day.”


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“When I was in college, my boyfriend bought me a card and some chocolate, and he cleaned my room while I was in class. It was the best small gift I’ve ever been given.


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“Fuzzy socks and nail polish in a color he likes; that way, whenever I use it, it’ll make him a little bit happy, too!”


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“Something thoughtful. It could be a cozy blanket for cold winter evenings, a small piece of jewelry (it does not have to be expensive), a good book, food, little handwritten notes, a playlist made for me, and your sweater (assuming you’re my boyfriend). I could go on for ages writing about these ideas.


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“While it’s not something you can buy, my heart would melt if a guy would surprise me with a Play Station 1 gaming date.”


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“Bath stuff. I love fancy soaps, bath bombs, lotions, scrubs, and salt soaks. It’s saying, ‘Please take some time for yourself and pamper yourself.'”


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“A beautiful memory I will never forget. It could be a funny joke or a nice dinner where we got to know each other so well, maybe that one time we cried laughing or when you sang the song you wrote about me. 

I don’t want anything to hold in my hands. Give me experiences and memories that will make me smile when I think about them 50 years from now.”


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“It would be amazing for a boy to remember me saying something like, ‘I adore dogs’ and get me a calendar of dog pictures.

I don’t expect much, but I know that he is paying attention to what I say and listening, and doing something sentimental makes me melt like ice cream in Arizona’s summer.”


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“Getting a pen/sketchbook. I’m a passionate artist. I’d like it if you gave me both.

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