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A user asked the forum, “What is something that Reddit thinks is more popular than it actually is?”. Here are some responses he got!


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“People who make over $400k a year.”


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“TikTok trends. Most “crazy TikTok trends” amount to a tiny amount of people doing something stupid, but the media pumps it up for engagement, and Reddit falls for it hook, line, and sinker.”


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“Honestly, judging from the comments, it seems 85% of Redditors are juvenile coders with zero life experience other than Netflix.”


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“Professional Influencers – the people causing problems are just jerks.”


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“Boycotting big corporations. People generally don’t care about what goes on behind the scenes much. They might hate greedy CEOs but not enough to boycott.”


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“The first time I went to r/coffee, I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by tons of coffee snob jokes and ironic posts about how you aren’t a real coffee drinker unless you’re down on your knees eating the beans right off the plant.”


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“Redditors often make the mistake of believing that Reddit is representative of how the general population thinks: an assumption which implies that most people are on Reddit.”


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“Reddit’s go-to solution to any sort of conflict within a marriage.”


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“An average user’s outrage regarding 3rd party apps.”


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“Gaslighting. But I believe that’s because so many people here don’t know what it is.”


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“Avatars. I can’t believe they charge money for anything related to them.”


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“The Kardashians. The only place I hear about them is on Reddit.”


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“Living in urban apartments. Not driving. Hating lawns and suburbs. Not wanting children.”


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“Idk where the hate came from, but I always see it. Hawaiian pizza was invented in the 1960’s. I remember eating Hawaiian pizza as a millennial in the 1990’s.

No one had a problem with it. But all of a sudden, it’s popular to hate it now? Where was this energy like 50 years ago?”


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“Geeking out on gadget specs.”


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“Nose rings on selfies. I rarely see them where I live, but they are always on Reddit.”

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