There are many jobs that people don’t consider as real jobs. A user asked the forum, “What do you consider not a real job?” Here are the top responses. 


sales people
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“Multi-level Marketing scammers. They need to go and touch some grass.”


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“Life coach for when the real estate thing doesn’t pan out.”


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“Social media influencer. It’s a mountain of work to keep producing content. It’s still easier than my job. But it’s not a 10-minute-a-day type thing.”


social media facebook
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“Agile coaches in big corporations. Essentially just glorified PowerPoint presentation creators who take home six figures.”


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“Trading crypto. I’d love to be rich off crypto. I’d be an unemployed loser and not black excellence.”


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“Unpaid Internships: Some people argue that unpaid internships, especially those that don’t provide valuable learning experiences, are not real jobs because they don’t offer fair compensation for the work done.”


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“Realtor. I’m always suspicious when I find out that’s someone’s primary occupation.”


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“Being a consultant. I am, and it is not a real job.”


21 February 2016: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to several thousand supporters at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia.
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“Politician. They think the same, so I guess it works out fine.”


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“Drop Shipping. Most of the time, it’s encouraging extreme consumerism and hurts small businesses even worse.”


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“Recruiters. They can’t spell your name, they can’t show up to the meeting they set, they don’t know what the position is for.”


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“Most real estate agents are useless. Most have zero negotiation skills. Many go out there and earn every penny they make. The worst are the social media real estate agents. The level of entitlement is extreme.”


work 2
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“They seem to do all but rake in cash and make other people’s lives miserable.”


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“Chiropractor. Bunch of scam artists.”


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“Audio engineering. I’ve been doing it for almost 35 years and still can’t think of it as work. It isn’t like there aren’t any wrong aspects, but most are the business aspects, not the actual studio work. 

You win if you can find a way to make your passion your vocation. I won. I am not as wealthy as my siblings or friends, but most work hard five days a week to enjoy the other two. If I don’t work on the weekend, I can’t wait to return to it on Monday.”


Male security guard with portable radio outdoors
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“Security guard. Not really what I think, but man, I worked security (mostly night watchman jobs) for over 25 years, and the amount of resentment from non-security guard employees I worked around was unreal, like I was getting paid to do nothing, even from management. Lots of snide remarks, nicknames, etc.”


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“Controversial take, but what most waiters and waitresses do isn’t a real job. There are exceptions, but most run-of-the-mill restaurant wait staff are unnecessary mediators. The same goes for car salespeople.”


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“People in finance. They move money around markets, and it doesn’t matter if they’re any good at it because they take their commission either way. The finance sector is a massive leach on this country.”


Attractive man with long hair and beard holding 20 israel shekels banknotes smiling happy pointing with hand and finger
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“Landlords. I can’t afford to buy a house, but I’ll pay some bloke so he can pay his mortgage off on one of his many properties.”


too much money man
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“Car dealership employees are unnecessary middlemen. The only goal of zero benefits to the consumer is to extract maximum profit from inelastic demand.”


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“Capitalist. You’re living off the labor of others, and you invest to capture more and more of that wealth created by others.”


Can you imagine that. winning a lottery. businessman after great deal. Finance and commerce. happy bearded man has a lot of money. Billioner with dollar banknotes. Business and sport success.
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“Insurance sales. They’re selling products that you need by law.”


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“Acting. It’s like winning a lottery for life.”

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