America is the dream destination for many people to spend their holidays. However, some states gave people not-so-good experiences. 

A user asked the forum, “What is the worst state (United States of America) you’ve spent time in (not just traveling through) and why?” Here are the common responses. 


1. proud american
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“I have been in 49 or 50 and stayed at least overnight in most of them; my answer is Mississippi. Just everything screamed low education, no opportunity, desperation, and apathy. A lot of you seem to agree with me.”


North Dakota Badlands
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“North Dakota. The state tree is an oil rig, and the state bird is a methamphetamine head. What a mess.”


San Antonio, Texas, USA downtown city skyline.
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“Texas in July. So hot and humid. So many mosquitoes.”


flag american proud
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“Been living in Florida for about ten years. Orlando, specifically, and I wonder why people want to retire here. It is a very unpleasant place, and I can’t wait to get out as soon as possible.”


6. walk
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“Indiana. I came here for school but got married, and now I’m stuck. Send help.”


Rooftop view of a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. Rooftop view of a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah with houses nestled amongst green trees and a distant mountain range
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“Missouri. I lived in the Saint Louis area for a couple of years. There are so many things to dislike, like the Racial Tension. This was right after the Michael Brown incident, but it seemed ingrained in the culture for many folks of all races.

Plus, the high crime rates, the notion of the “other side of the tracks” was noticeable. You could go from a nice neighborhood to a gang-infested area in just a few blocks.

It isn’t a pretty state. The rivers are brown. There are no oceans or mountains. It’s a weird mix of midwestern and backward southern. I have lived in 9 states and found reasons to like them all except Missouri.”


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“I used to work in Delaware. It’s mostly a bunch of rich rednecks. I always said it’s as if the Beverly Hillbillies were mean.”


2. wow excited
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“Ohio. Being there feels like there’s a gray cloud over your life. Whether driving through it or attending an event there, it’s boring, depressing, nothing. The towns that are there are filled with despair and hopelessness.”


5. smell disgusted
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“Lubbock. I was there for a short time. The only thing I remember seeing was telephone poles. It was hot and miserable.”


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“Kansas because it’s a soulless, boring place.”


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“Oklahoma, where the weather will kill you every season of the year, there is nothing to do, the politics will ensure you carry a baby from your rapist/can’t read some books/etc. We finally found the jerk of America and said to the Native Americans, ‘No, we mean it, you all stay here.'”


Shy girl covering up her face with her hands, isolated
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“Nevada. The sheer amount of nothingness there is overwhelming.”


pretty woman looking angry, annoyed and frustrated screaming wtf or what’s wrong with you
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“West Virginia. The natural scenery is beautiful, but there are so many burned-out coal towns, poverty, and addiction.”


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“Louisiana. I have lived there for three years. Poverty. Trash everywhere. Racism. No jobs. My god, that oppressive humidity. Not to mention the weird snakes, the King Kong spiders, the fire ants (just no), the love bugs, and the alligators in the ditches! The people are either drug addicts or religious zealots. No in-between. Finally, I saddled a mosquito and rode home.”


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“Alabama. I went to a corporate orientation in Huntsville for a new Defense contracting job and witnessed the most racism I’ve ever encountered over four days there. From the people at restaurants, gas stations, the grocery, the hotel, and the movies to Walmart, it was a constant stream of white people being aggressively racist against all non-whites. 

I’m white and was ashamed of the United States. I was mortified for my black coworkers going through orientation with me. Alabama can be messed right off.”


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“Tennessee. We got off the plane at 11 p.m. in mid-September. It was 95 degrees and 100% humidity. Nope.”

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