We all want to celebrate Mother’s Day, appreciate our moms for their actions, and buy them the best gift in the world. But have you ever stopped to understand what she loves and will genuinely enjoy?

What Does This Mom Have To Say

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“A Redditor (and a mom) took to the forum and started a conversation around this.

She says, “If you get me a bath bomb for Mother’s Day, can you also find me some time to use it, please? I don’t foresee my bathtime until this tiny boy has grown up and gone off to school… lol.”

What Others Shared

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“Lol, I asked for a massage last year, and my husband bought the gift card but told me I needed to make the appointment. “I didn’t know when you were free” Uh, literally any Saturday or Sunday when you can watch the child?”


Understand What She Wants To Enjoy Your Gift

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“My husband also did this.

It took me nine months to find time to use the gift card. He also got it with a male masseuse, forgetting that I don’t like that. It was awkward and unenjoyable, and I haven’t asked for one again; I save up and get them myself with somebody I know I like/trust.”


Timings Matter

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“My ex-husband bought me a gift card for a massage WHEN I WAS PREGNANT and didn’t realize I couldn’t lie on my stomach, and the person didn’t do prenatal massage. Oy.”


Put Some Time and Listen

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“At least you all got gift cards. I got a check because he didn’t know where I’d want to go I’d mentioned a specific place a few times before, and, uh, how about doing a little research???? Ugh.”

“My mother-in-law (MIL) got me a gift certificate to get my nails done for Mother’s Day two years ago and by the time I finally got the time (and childcare) to use it, they’d changed their system and wouldn’t accept the old gift card. They looked at me like I had three heads when I pulled it out.”


Make It About Her and Give Her A Break

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“I bought myself a nice wooden breakfast in bed tray last year in early May and announced that it was so everyone could make me breakfast in bed for mothers Day.

A few days later, we all started dropping from Covid, and a year later, it became the “eat in your room and keep your germs to yourself” food tray for whichever child has a contagious illness that I’m trying to keep away from the other kids. I haven’t used it once. Motherhood.”


Understand Motherhood Is Demanding

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“My husband did this exactly once and couldn’t figure out why I was so irritated. The look of shock on the man’s face when I explained that I barely have time to poop alone, god forbid take a whole damn relaxing bath.

It never occurred to him that I’m not pampering myself because I don’t want to, but because (SHOCKER) I have NO time to myself. Or my time is lowest on the totem pole. We’ve come a long way since then.”


Listen Carefully

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“Told my husband I wanted to sleep in like IN for my birthday. Tell me why this man woke me up with cuddles at 8:30 am. I lost it lol.”


Don’t Add on To Her To-Do List

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“My MIL got me a set of seeds with small plants for my first Mother’s Day.

I never planted them. A baby was enough to take care of. I also have a bath bomb from my first birthday as a mom; it’s still in my bathroom closet lol.”


If You Don’t Want To Be A Jerk

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“I’m shooketh by the ineptitude shown by some of the husbands in this thread. Surely my husband can’t be the only man on earth who regularly takes the kids and doesn’t need me prompting or pestering him to get a few minutes of alone time?

Nothing special about male anatomy prevents them from cleaning, taking care of kids, or giving good gifts. They’re just being lazy, selfish, and careless.”


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