A lot of times, you are bombarded with advice you could’ve really made use of if only you knew it earlier. Buying a property is certainly one of those situations!

A netizen recently asked, “What do you wish someone told you when you bought your first house?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses.

The Amount Of Household Stuff One Has To Buy Is TOO MUCH

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“How much dumb little things you have to buy. Moving from an apartment into our home was lovely, but my god did I underestimate how much household stuff you’d have to buy.”

If Your Property Inspector Gives A Warning About Something, Take It Seriously

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“This is extraordinarily obvious in hindsight but when your property inspector notes something as potentially being a problem in the future, just go ahead and be proactive about dealing with it.”

Investing In A Long-Term, Bigger House Is A Better Idea

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“For our situation, I wish someone would have told me to invest in a long-term, bigger house instead of a ‘stepping stone’ property – no way will we ever be able to afford the type of house we could have afforded 7 years ago, even though we both earn more now!”

Don’t Get A Shared Driveway

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“Don’t get a shared driveway!”, said one.

“It didn’t snow at my last house, but the neighbor would not stop parking on the driveway and preventing me from accessing my garage. I tried talking it out but he told me to text him and ask him to move when I needed to leave. So I sued him.”, another added.

It’s Absolutely Necessary To Budget For Taxes And Maintenance

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“That it’s absolutely necessary to budget for taxes and maintenance. Put aside a monthly amount like it’s part of your mortgage. A new roof will cost a fortune, so find out when you’re likely to need one and budget accordingly.

Water heater, furnace/AC, appliances, deck, plumbing, yardwork (including dead trees and limbs) — it’s all on you.

Basically, figure out what you want to spend per month on a house. Now reduce that by 25% and pocket the extra for upkeep and taxes.”

Don’t Plant Trees Too Close To Your House

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“Don’t plant trees too close to your house. Also, everything needs regular maintenance. Dishwasher (filter), AC, water heater, refrigerator (seals, gaskets, clean underneath), washing machine, etc.”

Great Home Decor Comes From Great Money

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“Those people you see online with beautifully decorated homes don’t have magical good taste and DIY skills, they have money. Your house probably won’t look like that unless you too have the money.”

Get Your Own Inspector

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“Get your own inspector. One recommended by your agent will not usually be impartial.”

Think About How Easy Or Hard It’s Going To Be If You Later Decide To Sell It

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“When you buy a house, think about how easy or hard it’s going to be when you later come to sell it. My first one was a three-story modern townhouse with a LOT of space for the cost. It didn’t worry me that there was a railway just to the left, a main road just to the right, a supermarket around the corner and communal land with a small monthly gardening charge.

As a single twenty-something who didn’t spend much time at home, close access to the motorway and train network, and not having to do any gardening was an absolute plus. That place was a nightmare to sell.”

Get The Plumbing Inspected By Camera

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“Get the plumbing inspected by camera.”, said one.

“Million times this, especially if the house has a slab foundation.”, another added.

My Office Was Going To Relocate Very Soon

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“That my office was going to relocate within a year, adding an hour to my commute each way.”

High Ceilings Are NOT A Feature

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“High ceilings are NOT a feature. My townhouse (my first home) has extra-high ceilings. When I was touring it, that seemed so great. It was so open and airy!

Just wait until the smoke alarm starts chirping and you need to stand at the top of a *ladder* (not a step stool) and you still can barely reach them with your fingertips.

I’d pay a good deal of money to have normal-height ceilings.”

Start A Separate Savings Account For House Specific Emergencies

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“We did it without advice but started a separate savings account for house-specific emergencies. Things like major appliances and your roof will eventually pop up. If you’re lucky you’ll see it coming for a while. But it will come.

Also, a disaster kit is appropriate to local hazards. Don’t forget pets or medications if possible!

Oh and buy and check your fire extinguishers regularly!”

Learn How To Maintenance A Hot Water Tank

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“For the love of god, learn how to maintain a hot water tank. It’s legitimately a sitting bomb in your home if you don’t pay it any attention.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, I’d look for something with a newer roof, and major appliances if possible. Hire an inspector to ensure it’s safe to live in, and if you’re close to other neighbors, get a survey of your land, to ensure you don’t cut your neighbor’s grass for the rest of your life without knowing.

Also, definitely replace all deadbolts/locks after moving in, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to tell another adult that.”

Details About Property Taxes

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“No one told me about property taxes. Not my loan agent, not my realtor, not my tax lady, not my parents, nobody. I didn’t know about property taxes and how expensive they are until I received my first bill from the county.”

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