As technology advances, the number and variety of scams are increasing rapidly. Here are some common scams that many people don’t even realize are scams.

One user took it to the forum and asked, “What kind of scam is prevalent nowadays that we no longer recognize as a scam?” and here are the top responses. 


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“Insurance. All kinds. It drives up the cost of whatever it “covers” and unlicensed people make decisions about what’s “covered” to decide if it’s actually covered or not.

Here are 3 examples:

Auto Insurance – they can deny major repairs even though you’re paying for major repair coverage. They simply “decide” the repairs don’t qualify as major repairs so they deny it. Or the deductible is just slightly higher than the cost of the repair, so the insurance doesn’t actually pay for anything… And when you place a claim they raise your rates.

Medical insurance – Your licensed doctor (you know with that medical degree, training, and certifications) can diagnose you with something serious and the recommended treatment or procedure for it can and will most likely be quickly denied by a group of individuals who don’t hold a medical degree, certification, or even medical training, placing you in financial ruin to live, or skip the procedure and die.

Dental insurance – coverage “cap” that blocks you from getting what you need done. Need a root canal & cap? Well that’s gonna cost a total of $2300. Your insurance only covers $1800 for the year, and it’s September, and you’ve already come in for other dental work this year, so you only have $900 in coverage available. Can’t afford it? Then you better either get it pulled and just be missing a tooth or anything gn yo for a small loan to cover what you need”, said one user. 


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“Tipping someone regardless of the service they provide.

I don’t tip food trucks. I don’t tip Starbucks. I don’t tip random vendors that just sit there. What has happened to society, WHY does everyone want tips for doing absolutely nothing other than being a cashier??”, said one user. 


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“Banks charging withdrawal fees from the ATM even if you’re a member of the bank. Also, overdraft fees!”, said one user.

“Overdraft fees = ‘We charge you money for not having money’”, said another user.


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“Did you know that once-upon-a-time, news reporters used to go out and work really hard for a story? Then they would come back and report their findings? Now, they are all golden parachuted, corporate liars”, said one user. 


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“Canceling it is an absolute nightmare and the annual fees are ridiculous (get charged for renovations, etc., through property fees). It’s so hard to cancel that even if you die, it’s passed down to your children without them having to opt in. It’s something like, 6 people have to turn it down for it to be canceled.

There are also a bunch of timeshare cancellation services who are just as much of a scam”, said one user.


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“I went to the hospital 8 times recently, and the doctors 5 times and only once did they help me effectively. Of those 13 trips I was put on dangerous and improper medication and now I’m expected to pay thousands of dollars after insurance, even though it was all wrong”, said one user.


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“The only thing they won’t charge you for is agreeing to a loan. Besides that it seems everything has a fee associated with it.

What happened to just socking some money away and ‘making bank’?”, said one user.


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“Almost all fitness influencers are either lying about their steroid use, or lying about their product use.

Most of the influencers that sell you their own products just got a manufacturer to make a cheap product with good margins. Little to no research or understanding behind any of it”, said one user.


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“YouTubers that give financial / stock advice! Their business is entertainment, not making you money on trades”, said one user.

“If someone had legitimate actionable advice on the market that worked more often than it didn’t they would NOT be sharing it with you, thus diluting its effectiveness. They would be making loads of money while sitting on a private island, sipping margaritas.

If they’re sharing it with you, then you are not the customer. You are the product!”, said another user.


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“My daughter recently purchased $95 tickets to Joe Gatto’s show and the “convenience” fee was $30 per ticket. Obscene!”, said one user. 

“I don’t get it either, then just raise the ticket price by $30. If it were really an inconvenience to have to service for which you need to raise an inconvenience fee, then that fee should be per transaction, regardless how many tickets you order”, another user added


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“I would say the worst is not being able to cancel a subscription online. I can subscribe in 5 minutes, but I need to call their service agents to cancel it and also have to be rude because if you are nice, they will try to resell the subscription.”, one user said.

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