There are many reasons to own a dog and not own one as well. Here are the top 12 breeds that people wouldn’t own and why


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Huskies are too high maintenance and loud for me, but they are super adorable. My mother had a husky with us on our farm in Florida; he loved it there. He would help “corral” my siblings and me when our mother was milking the goats or sorting through the eggs.”

“Huskies. I don’t want a dog that talks back constantly and destroys my house.”


English Bulldog

English bulldog running in the grass
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“I inherited an English bulldog after a relative passed on. He was a good sweet boy, and we loved one another very, very much, but my god…. I will never own another bulldog.

The breathing problems are definitely a big factor, my regular vet wouldn’t treat him because of his short snout so we had to see a specialist anytime he needed any kind of surgery or advanced medical care which, for bulldogs, can be frequent. When he snored, he sounded like a cartoon. You would think, my god, this can’t be for real. It was so loud.”



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“I have a pug now. Always wanted one since I was a kid. She’s an amazing dog, but I just feel terrible for her because she can’t freaking breathe. Can’t be in the heat for long periods of time. God forbid she falls in the pool cause it’s game over. She wants so badly to sleep in bed with us but she snores like a freight train. Constantly hacking up god knows what and sneezing it all over the house. She’s an amazing dog, I Love her to pieces, but she will be my last pug.”



Bernese dog
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“The only downside to a Bernese mountain dog is the life span. Otherwise, they are chill family dogs”



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“Shelties. They’re cute, but their drive to herd things drives me crazy. My MIL had two, and they would nip at my legs to try and get me to go where they wanted.”

Once, I saw them trying to herd the chairs around the dining room table. They’re a little nuts if they aren’t given work to do.



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“Akitas because they are one-person dogs, and if you aren’t that person, you’ll get nothing from them but indifference.”



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“Shiba. I somehow ended up with a very social and friendly Shiba. She’ll go home with anyone who pays attention to her. I have a hard time convincing people she’s not typical for the breed, and if they want a friendly dog, Shibas aren’t for them.”


Belgian Malinois

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“Belgian Malinois because I am way too lazy to keep up with the intensity they bring. I also can’t own a dog smarter than me.”



Beagle puppy sitting on grass
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“I think beagles are the cutest, but holy hell; they are loud.”



purebred puppy belgian sheepdgog malinois in a training of agility
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“Malinois. I’ve had dogs all my life, and I know enough to know I wouldn’t be able to train one the way they need to be trained. Don’t get me wrong, they are incredible dogs but should only be owned by really experienced handlers.”



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“I watched a pitbull rip my grandma’s Chihuahua to shreds…it was the most awful experience of violence I’ve seen in my 30 years on earth.

The dogs were best buds for years, too, it was so random and quick. Nothing could’ve been done…I’ll never be around a pitbull again as they’re prone to these incidents. Trauma doctors say they do more damage than any other dog and account for roughly 80% of hospital dog bites.”



dog groomer
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“I have a doodle. He’s got his sweet moments, but he is constantly trying to bite everyone’s hair, is messy, is constantly itchy, and is hyperactive to the point where I question if his heart will give out by the time he’s 5. I have ADHD, but this dog has energy on a completely mad fracking level and makes me in my childhood look like a Buddhist monk.”


Border Collie

Black and white Border Collie puppy looking at camera, 5 months, in summer
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“Border collie. I have them and love them. They’re too smart for the average pet owner. They’re great, but not for the average pet owner. They require a lot of attention and stimulation. Quirks!?! They have them all”.


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