The experience of unemployment varies greatly from individual to individual. While some individuals manage to find alternative means of financial support, others struggle to overcome the financial and emotional hardships that unemployment brings.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “People who aren’t working, how do you pay for stuff?”. Here are the top responses.


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“I inherited some wealth, and I live off of it.”, said one user.


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“When deciding what bills to pay, prioritize housing! There are many food assistance programs to help, but once you become homeless everything is so much harder.

If you’re in the US, some areas have a hotline for community services if you dial 211, so it’s worth checking if your area is one of them. They can connect you with non-profits that specialize in housing assistance, utility assistance, finding food, and even mental health stuff.”, said one user.


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“I mean in my country (Finland), you can literally just live on unemployment benefits if you want to”, said one user.


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“I worked tirelessly, sometimes 16 hour days, in my twenties and early thirties and now I don’t have to anymore.”, said one user.


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“I’m disabled so my husband pays for stuff.”, said one user.


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“I have no parents and in my country Australia we have a welfare payment called ineligible to live at home.”, said one user.


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“I broke my spine some years back, now the pain prevents me from working and I’m unemployed. Tomorrow is the hearing where they decide whether or not I’m lying about being in excruciating pain every day and maybe cancel my benefits. I’m only in my 20s”, said one user. 


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“I live off of government assistance that is basically given to the unemployed people.”, said one user.


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“I still live with my family, and they pay for my stuff.”, said one user.


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“Basically, what I would do is find turtles in the nearby pond, rescue them, and sell them for a huge profit”, said one user.

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