While we travel, we get to experience both good and bad, but some cities are so depressing to travel to. Have you ever been to such towns? 

A user asked the forum, “What is the most depressing city you’ve ever visited?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I came here to say Odessa. The only place in the world I have ever seen where the local McDonald’s had gone out of business.”


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“I didn’t have to go far into Detroit to understand why some inner-city properties sell for under $100.

That said, though, I’ve never been in a more excellent airport than the one in Detroit. Weirdly, it even has a Spanx outlet store in it.”


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“Stockton, California. It is rundown, economically troubled (it had the highest foreclosure rate in the country), rife with crime, and has a patently unsafe vibe. 

I even heard gunshots several times in one trip there. For all the (partly well-deserved) hate that cities such as Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield get, they’re all friendly and pleasant compared to Stockton.”


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“Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Don’t get me wrong, I found Cambodia to be a fantastic country with great attractions, great food, and generally amicable people. However, the capital had some heartbreaking sights of poverty, child beggars, and an air of misery.”


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“Hialeah. A city where people escaped communism to come to live in the worst Florida Suburban sprawl.”


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“Unconventional answer: New Orleans. Driving through the city, you can see all the abandoned buildings and a sense of ‘a city that used to be.’ 

Also, when you look at their homeless population compared to other cities, like New York, they have a different attitude. They don’t just want your money; they want a piece of your flesh.”


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“Los Angeles. It looks so glamorous on television, but it just looked dirty to me. The city is so spread out, and the traffic is horrible.”


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“Corpus Christi, Texas. All the charm of Detroit with that lovely Houston smell.”


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“New York City. You think it’s a boatload of fun with endless possibilities and opportunities. It depends on who you are, but for me, being a single, hard-working man, this is the most depressing city in the world. 

Everyone is too busy to talk or hang out and thinks they are better than everyone else, and the fear of missing out you get seeing your friends do all these cool things when you’re restricted to 0-1 something is rough.

Dating is like the Hunger Games. I’ve lived in 5 different cities, and this is the worst.

Most depressing city ever.”


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“Nassau, Bahamas. So much poverty in a land so rich in beauty and tourism dollars.”


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“San Francisco. So many homeless people.”


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“Blackpool, United Kingdom. Dilapidated, high rates of unemployment and a lot of social issues.”


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“Christchurch, New Zealand. It was there only a couple of months after the horrific earthquake of 2011. Just the extent of damage to the buildings, in particular, the older and more historical ones, and just the overall somber mood of the city.”


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“Ciudad Juarez. Crossing the border every year was depressing.”


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“Kolkata, India. Shoddy construction, abundant overcrowding, dead dogs everywhere, and the smell of gasoline, nag champa, and sweat permeate every corner of that god-forsaken city.”

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