We delusionally think certain things are dangerous when they are not.

A user asked the forum, “What is something that people perceive as dangerous, but in actuality is pretty safe?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Small bubbles in an IV (Intravenous) line don’t kill you like the movies. The amount of panicked patients I’ve had is wild.”


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“Quicksand. ’80s action films misled us. It’s hard to die in it.”


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“Wolves. Wolf attacks on people are so rare they have individual entries on the Wikipedia page.”


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“Black bears are pretty harmless. They can kill you but usually would rather leave you alone.”


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“Movies have presented sharks in the wrong light. I wouldn’t say they’re completely safe, but nowhere near as dangerous as perceived.”


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“Flying on a plane. You are more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash.”


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“Send your kids outside to play. It’s good for them.”


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“Foxes. For some reason, my local Facebook group always seems to post about when they see a fox in town, like ‘Be careful on your walks.’ Do you think foxes eat people?”


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“Nuclear energy, more people die each year because of coal/oil/gas than have died from 50+ years of nuclear energy.”


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“Bees and wasps. I used to get stung a lot as a kid, but I learned that if you don’t wave your arms like a lunatic, they’ll leave you alone. Also, don’t throw rocks at their nest, and you should be okay.”


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“Alligators. They are big and look scary but don’t generally attack humans and don’t consider us prey. Florida has millions of alligators but only averages eight unprovoked attacks per year, with about one fatal death every three years. 

They are dangerous to small pets, however, and many of those attacks are from trying to save a pet. But alligators are everywhere in Florida, so it’s pretty surprising how few attacks there are.”


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“Being a cop. Logging is over six times more dangerous.”


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“Psychedelics, though public perception seems to be warming to them over the years.”


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“Anxiety/Panic Attacks. You’ll feel like you’re having a Medical Emergency, but you’re not.”


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“Hang gliding. Its fatality rate is on par with scuba diving and horseback riding. If you ride a motorcycle 25 miles to hang glide, then ride back, you’re as likely to die on the motorcycle as during the hang gliding flight.”


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“Using a sharp knife in cooking. It’s far more dangerous to use a dull knife.”


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“Radiation. Specifically, microwaves, which someone frightens for no reason, and sunlight, underestimated by most people.”

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