Upon deep introspective analysis of your character and habits, you may uncover certain red flags.

Acknowledging these red flags is crucial, and there is no shame in doing so. Learn from your experiences and strive to make positive changes.

A user asked the forum, “What’s a red flag about yourself?”. Let’s look at the top replies.


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“I’m codependent and try way too hard to please people in a relationship.”


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“I’m a procrastinator. But I’m planning on doing something real soon!”


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Yeah, I find it really hard to break off because I literally have no idea what else to do with my time. All I have ever done as a kid was stay in my room and draw, but now, as an adult, I’m trying to go out and find new hobbies. Isolation is one of my main coping mechanisms but also just my way of being, and it feels like I have to radically change my lifestyle to adjust.”


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“I have a low tolerance for most people, and it’s getting worse all the time.”


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“Well, it’s nearly impossible for me to stop drinking after about 3-4 drinks. Then I blackout and make awful decisions and ruin relationships

I’ve had two drinks in the past 73 days and no blackouts.”


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“My personality changes with the weather. Don’t ask me how I act when the weather is bad.”


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“I’m emotionally unavailable. When I meet new friends or potential partners, I get annoyed and distant when they want to hang out or be around me too much. It’s draining, and it feels like a chore trying to care and connect with them. I like being alone.”


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“I’m a complainer. ESPECIALLY on vacation. I will whine about everything.

EDIT: I AM working on it, but there’s a lot of work to be done.”


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“I’m extremely lazy. Like if we have a date planned and I don’t feel like putting pants on, I will cancel.”


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“I don’t have the heart to give someone a second chance.”


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“I make the same mistakes over and over again.”


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“I have a temper. It can lead to screaming. It can get a bit embarrassing because I should be able to control my rage as an adult.”


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“I am aggressively helpful. Not everyone wants to brainstorm solutions when they vent, but oh boy, do I try to help too much.”


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“Chronically irresponsible, and I put off doing important things until it’s too late, and now it’s a much bigger deal than it had to be.”


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“I’m extremely antisocial and have no friends. Sometimes, I talk to my Bee Gees posters.”


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“I’m depressed. I crave really close friendships, but right now, I’m pushing them all away.”

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