Although the world is progressing and we are all growing older, there are certain things we miss from the 90s.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What do you miss from the 90s?”, and here are the top responses. 



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Being too young to be cognizant of what was happening around me.”, said one user.

“Loved that good old ignorance”, said another user.



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I miss how compartmentalized everything was. Want a movie? Go to the movie store. Want a book? Go to the bookstore. Need to research a project for school? Go to the library. Need to call someone? Use the family phone.

There was a peace that came with that in a lot of ways, and I think a greater appreciation for certain things. I miss the innocence and naivety that came with not carrying the answer to everything.”, said one user.



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Not having constant availability via phone 24/7. I just miss landlines”, said one user.



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In my city there’s a bunch of bars that have 90s arcade machines and most of the games feel way worse than what they were back in the day.

I like to play one game here and there but after a while they get boring.”, said one user.



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Seeing movies in the cinema at an affordable price. The 90’s had some awesome flicks!”, said one user.



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Carefree days of playing with all the kids in the neighborhood after school and all day during the summer.”, said one user.

“The freedom kids used to have would be my answer too. I’m a mom now and wish my kid could experience that.

Society has pretty much eliminated that ability where I live.”, said another user.



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“I had no idea how my life would turn out, nothing horrible had happened yet, and I was excited for life.”, said one user.



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I absolutely love the fashion of the ’80s and ’90s and the music.

I for one would like to see what would have come of Kurt Cobain and Tupac had their lives not ended when they did.”, said one user.



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“I miss having to come up with fun things to do to pass the time.”, said one user.



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Technology wasn’t at the core of every facet of life. Nowadays, without your smartphone you barely even exist. Everything is AI or computerized.”, said one user.


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