People often have unmet needs in their relationships.  A user took it to the forum, and asked “What are the things that you crave from your wife/partner that you do not get?”


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“Usually when we talk, she gets her face down in her phone or doing something else so you just get a ‘huh uh’, and ‘ya’.

But whenever she wanna get her point across, I usually look her in her eyes and actually comprehend what she is saying. Maybe it’s not undivided attention, more like a respectful thing.”, said one user.


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“She makes the most amazing brownies but because everyone loves them she’s sick of making them.”, said one user.

“My wife made me tiramisu one year for my birthday. It was incredible. It was such a pain for her to make that she doesn’t want to do it again, but damn it was amazing.”, said another user.


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“My spouse is disabled and has been for over a decade. Spinal cord damage due to cancer has done a hell of a job on her nervous system. But I miss the simple stuff.

Cuddling and watching a movie,  going for a walk, having someone help me with the chores, hearing the phrases ‘before you sit down’ or ‘when you get up again’. 

I love her. She’s my best friend. It’s tough, but the hugs, love, and laughter from our three kids and her does a damn good job of filling those holes.”, said one user.


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“I just want hugs. I’m a dude and my wife doesn’t even want to hold me, snuggle me, etc. I just want my wife to WANT to hug me.”, said one user.


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“I used to always get called out for not being a good husband and a father, and didn’t receive any acknowledgment and appreciation from my previous partner.

Now with my current partner it’s the complete opposite. I literally get 2 page notes every month or outlining all the good things I do that she loves. Gonna marry her!”, said one user.


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“I’m always the one initiating things in the bedroom. Makes me feel like garbage sometimes honestly”, said one user.

“Occasionally she will act like she is in the mood for a short bit and I get excited and then when it comes time for actual bedroom time I will get “really? Now?” Kinda attitude. Honestly I don’t even get excited about it anymore.”, said another user.


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“The other day I was stressed from work. I began to tell her what I was going through, and she just cut me off and said, ‘That’s just work! So you just deal with it!’ 

It probably sounds worse the way I’m typing it, but it was just so empty. I get that she’s trying to buck me up and handle it like an adult, but it’s gone too far at my job, and she’s talking to me like a parent to a teen, not a wife to her husband. 

I responded to her with ‘Honey, you’re not helping.’ And I went to the bedroom and just cried a little. Just bottled it up with everything else.”, said one user.


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“Just one day where everything in the world isn’t my fault.”, said one user.


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“Woke up this morning to a text complaining that I never offered to go to her place, ironically because I did just that on Wednesday and she said she wanted to come to my place anyway.

I always ambiguously say ‘I gotta jump in the shower and then we can hang out’ or ‘I’ll be free at 7:30’ or something, then she just invites herself over (which is fine) and asks when she can leave.

 Now I’m no scientist but how hard is it exactly to say ‘ok cool, do you want to come here?’.”, said one user.


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“She keeps lying about the smallest things. It’s gotten to the point where I’m considering breaking up with her because of it.”, said one user.

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