Some jobs that require great effort and labor pay surprisingly little, while others pay extremely well for seemingly no reason. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What’s a job that pays extremely well for no reason?”, and here are the top responses.


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“My job doesn’t make 6 figures but I’m overly compensated for making sure tech support doesn’t cuss the customer out and pointing out what they could have done better. I’m not even the supervisor”, said one user.


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“I’m currently at $32/h and the benefits package and vacation time are incredible. Some days are busy, but last year I managed to read a few books on shift.”, said one user. 


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“I worked as a recruiter for Microsoft during the pandemic. There was such a fever pitch for tech talent that we were basically throwing $175k checks at anyone with a pulse and a GitHub.

We have a lot of amazing tech talent but some of the people we hired had no business being there. Like, literally just twiddling their thumbs and handling one or two small kanban-type projects each week while reaping almost $200k a year. All of the big tech firms did.”, said one user.


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“I earn six figures and my only real task is to listen to my boss whine. That’s it!”, said one user.


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“I make $230 a day (wages are based on route value) and I was home before 9am on Friday. I started at 7am. Mondays are longer, and Christmas can be hectic, but 10 months of the year I work max 4 hours a day. 

Benefits that are better than Blue Cross and I pay $15/month for PTO, personal days, etc. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”, said one user.


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“I get paid just under $80k working nights at a gym. Get all my work done in less than 2 hours and can basically do whatever for the other 6.

Watch football, scroll Reddit, whatever. Not awesome money but excellent for what I do.”, said one user.


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“The average clown salary in the US is $63k.”, said one user.


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“I make ridiculous money running a landscaping and lawn care business (5%/95%). It’s hard to overestimate how much people will pay to avoid physical labor”, said one user.


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“I know a married couple with the same med admin bachelor’s degree, and a one a year online master’s in medical admin. They walked out of college into 6 figure jobs over ten years ago and now make ~$500k each.

I can’t tell if they actually do anything for the hospital. During the pandemic they took advantage of healthcare loans they didn’t have to pay back.”, said one user.


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“You can be a normal retail sales associate and sell eyeglasses at LensCrafters and make up to $29.00 + commission + paid time off, sick leave, retirement, health and dental insurance, and free annual eyewear with a high school diploma.”, said one user.


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“75k a year to set up projectors and microphones. Most of the day consists of waiting to break everything down after the event.

Lots of downtime, like a lot. I was able to finish my associates degree with all the down time.”, said one user.

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