Our everyday world is filled with surprisingly dangerous objects and activities if not handled with care.

A user asked what is something everyone thinks is harmless, but in reality is dangerous? and here are the top things:

1. Running Water In A Steam Or River

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“The currents are much stronger than they look and can easily sweep an adult right off their feet.” said one.

“It only takes six inches of water to be strong enough to rip you from your feet, and it may have enough force at one foot deep to take a car with it too. Crazy dangerous if you’re not careful.” another said.

2. Driving Near Vehicles With Trailers

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“Driving closely behind a truck pulling a trailer, cutting them off, or breaking suddenly in front of them. If I’m hauling a horse trailer, I CANNOT stop quickly. You put everyone in danger by doing that.” said one.

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3. Letting Your Dog Off The Leash In Public

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“Giving your dog a leash is also a protection for your dog; there are so much trash/traffic/humans in a city that can kill your pet, so either keep it at home all time or be a responsible pet owner.” a user said.

“One time, my father took the dog for a walk, and someone decided to let their dog out without a leash. Said dog attacked my dog and father. We have no idea who was that dumb person.” said another.

4. Pushing Someone In The Water As A Prank

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“Why is that still a thing? I’ve heard of people getting seriously hurt or drowning. Even a Redditor said they knew how to swim but were surprised, so their body froze up.” said one.

“Who’s going to replace my phone now? Honestly, though, 90% of cheap digital watches were at least water-resistant; how many phones can’t handle a quick dip?” another said.

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5. Escalators

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“Tumbled down one of those in an NYC subway a while ago; equivalent to three flights of stairs: broken clavicle and excruciating pain. Have a metal bar installed now, and the surgery cost around $100,000, from slipping on one step.” a user shared.

6. The ocean

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“I lived by the ocean. People get sucked into ripe tides and taken out to see at least once or twice a year. Occasionally, a college student will get drunk and slip off the rocks at the beach. The ocean is big and scary, and powerful. Don’t underestimate her!” shared one.

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7. Trampoline

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“Those things are hazardous to anyone that jumps on them. It’s estimated that over 100,000 people are treated for trampoline injuries every year.” said one.

“My best friend’s father is a doctor and saw many horrible trampoline injuries in the ER. Oddly enough, many parents I know who are super into child safety still got their children trampolines despite the warnings.” a user said.

8. Spending Too Much Time On Electronic Devices

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“As a nation, we’re seeing a drastic increase in a sedentary lifestyle, which can lead to depression and anxiety and health problems like obesity. Decreasing screen time enhances social, physical, and emotional well-being, and too much screen time causes all these to suffer.” said one.

9. Adding Water To Hot Oil While Frying

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“To anyone unfamiliar with cooking, if you’re frying with a lot of oil, do not add water, especially not an ice cube. Sounds so silly, but you’d be surprised that it’s not more of a PSA especially considering how harmless, in theory, it sounds.” said one.

“I learned this the hard way. Big flames; thankfully, I put it out before any damage was done.” another said.

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10. Drinking Alchohol

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“Pretty much drinking any alcohol is bad for you. Alcohol companies fund only studies that have ever said it’s good, and they’ve spent millions suppressing information about how terrible it is for you.” said one.

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