Many women feel insecure about their appearance due to societal standards and the notion that they must meet specific beauty standards. They may think that men will not see them as desirable if they don’t look a certain way.

But what if we tell you that looks aren’t the only determining factor for a man to like you.  A user asked, “Be brutally honest, what makes a girl attractive instantly?” and here are the top traits:

1. Intelligence And Kindness

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“Intelligence and kindness. Hands down. You can be pretty or not. But the moment I discover that you are thoughtful and kind? BOOM… you’re a knockout! Married my knockout too :)” said one. 

“Having a good heart. Building people up rather than tearing them down.” said another. 

2. Sense Of Humor

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“Being naturally funny to the point we can just riff, and both be cracking up. Met one girl in my life that would have me constantly dying, so I invited her out to the bar since all our mutual friends were going out. We spent all night just cracking jokes and trolling men who would approach her” said one. 

“Humor. If a girl has a good sense of humor and can make you laugh and take a joke, it makes her more approachable and attractive!” said another.

‘Being funny and/or easy to make laugh is high up there. Physical looks are essential, but that means different things depending on the woman. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. But beyond that, I need that laughter” added another. 

3. Passionate

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A user said “Being passionate about something. I love when a girl starts pouring out her thoughts on a favorite topic. Seeing the excitement behind her eyes and the increase in animation is super cool!” 

“Having hobbies. It’s kind of crazy how many people just literally don’t have hobbies besides drinking, hanging out, and being on their phones. When people have interests, they are passionate about or skills they try to improve on is desirable to me” said another.

4. Vulnerability 

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“Vulnerability. People are so guarded and closed off being able to have an open, genuine interaction with someone willing to share who they truly are is wildly attractive. That made me fall for my wife so quickly; she was so vulnerable and authentic from the start that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her” said a user. 

5. Active Listening

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“Whenever they listen to the conversation and contribute. There’s a thing of waiting for your turn to talk, and then listening adds to the discussion. You should never just be waiting to chat; listening and understanding another person’s point is important to me.” said a user.

“Completely agree with you. Active listening is a rare quality; more often than not, people just wait their turn to speak.” said one.

6. Smiling Eyes

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“I am such a fan for smiley eyes. Every one of my girlfriends has had smiley eyes, and I just realized this like a year ago.” shared a user.

“I tell my girlfriend that everything ages, yet beautiful eyes will remain beautiful.” shared another.

“I’ve seen old women with gorgeous green eyes and thought, “if I were an old man, I’d be into you.” So when I look at women, I immediately check out their eyes and wonder if their eyes will still captivate me as she ages. My gf has those eyes.” added another. 

7. Confidence

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“Confidence trumps all of it for me. Some women just have a presence when they enter a room that demands attention and is so attractive. You pick up on it even before you really get a good look at them” said one.

“You do. But just as confidence is beautiful. Overconfidence is extremely ugly. There’s a difference between knowing you’re attractive. And thinking you’re the most attractive person in the room” said another.

8. Intense Eye Contact

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“Intense eye contact” said one.

“Absolutely! I had a gorgeous redhead make eye contact with me on the street in San Francisco in 1990 while in town for a bike race. We were walking past each other, and she held my gaze the whole time, and I felt like lightning was shooting through me. I swear I passed my soul mate.” said another.

9. Enthusiasm

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“Enthusiasm. Please tell me excitedly how color theory is the reason behind marketing success; I’ll be drooling in a second.” said one.

10. A little goofiness

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“Most women, though, are so scared of being seen as an idiot or humiliated that they stop just short of capitalizing on this. Sort of like how guys tend to stop just short of a similar kind of masculine energy that can make them crazy attractive” said one

11. Smile

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“People are much more attractive when they smile, regardless of how crooked their teeth are. Seeing a girl smile, gets me smiling too!” shared one. 

“Not just a smile, but a genuine smile. Anyone can fake a smile, but a true smile is what does it for me” said one. 

We hope you liked this Reddit discussion on what makes a girl attractive instantly and it helped you be more confident in yourself. 

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