A user asked, Am I wrong for parking in a pregnant person/ veteran spot? We want to hear from you.


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In the southern U.S.A., some places have unique parking spots for veterans and pregnant individuals, and sometimes they’re the same spot.

The Original Poster (OP) is about 34 weeks pregnant and has had a rough pregnancy, so she avoids going out very often. Yesterday her husband couldn’t go to the grocery store, and she had to do it.


What Happened At The Grocery Store

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The grocery store OP went to had one of the aforementioned parking spots free, and she parked there. As she was getting out, a man pulled up behind me and started yelling at her telling her it was illegal to park there. It’s for veterans.


What Did She Say?

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OP told him it was for veterans and pregnant women, and she was pregnant. He said he earned the right to park there by fighting for our country.

OP says, “I apologized that he felt that way, and I was grateful for his service, and if he needs the spot for disability reasons, there are plenty of spots open.


Details Of The Veteran

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According to OP, he was a young dude, and she doesn’t know if he was disabled. He was in his car, and she couldn’t see him, and not all disabilities were visible.


What Did Her Family Say?

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He called OP names and drove away, and when she told her husband about the interaction, he told her while it did say for pregnant women and veterans, but he deserved it more, and OP should have backed off.

Her dad and brother agreed, and now she feels like a jerk, but her sister told her she was in the right and not to worry.


OP Wants To Know

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After the entire conversation with the family, OP wants to know if she was wrong standing up for herself and denying the spot. Was it right for the veteran to misbehave and call her names?

She asks, “Am I a jerk?”

Here is what others think


Men Don’t Understand

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“No, you are not wrong. I’d be having a looooonnnnngggg talk with my husband if he shamed me for using a spot designated for me while pregnant. I would describe every symptom I’ve experienced thus far in great detail. I’d look into one of those devices you can attach to their stomachs to simulate birthing pain so he can glimpse what is to come. I would make his life Hell.

You notice how it’s only the men shaming you, right??? Men who have never had to face the trials of pregnancy? Gross.”


It’s Awful Of Your Family

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“Yeah, it’s awful that OP’s husband and male family members are so dismissive and won’t support her in a situation where she is clearly in the right. The brother and father both need to get their stuff together, but the husband especially owes OP an apology and needs to step up to the plate because he will be a father soon.”


Veteran Is A Liar

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“What angers me is the alleged Vet lied and said it was illegal for her to park there. It is not. Also, I know several vets who WON’T park in those spots because they were doing a job, and they are just grateful they made it home. I have another friend who served in the reserves- never stepped out of the US- and thinks those spots are his god-given right.”


It Was Meant For Pregnant Women

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“No, you are NOT wrong – it was meant for pregnant women AND veterans. You were there first, so you can use it. Bad luck for the guy.”


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