Having a supportive and helpful spouse can significantly impact one’s well-being and overall happiness. A helping spouse can provide emotional support, share responsibilities, and offer valuable insights and feedback. But what if they start acting out?

A Redditor approached the forum and askedAm I wrong for blowing up on my husband over chicken alfredo? 

You decide. 


The Original Poster (OP) is a 38-year-old female married to a 42-year-old male. They have been together since their early twenties and have three children, all under 10. 

OP’s husband is a mechanic and works anywhere from 60 to 80 hours a week, while OP work as a hostess 3 days a week at a restaurant while the kids are at school.

OP does most of the housework and childcare, and she doesn’t mind as she understands he has a demanding job and works a lot.

However, he gets the kids on the bus every morning because he leaves for work about 10 minutes afterward. OP says, “All I ask of him is to do his laundry as his clothes are covered in oil and grime. He needs to go in by himself and pick up after himself because the kids destroy the house enough. He’ll also help with dinner and cleanup at the end of the day a couple times a week.”

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What Started Happening?

Over the last 2 months, OP’s husband has completely stopped helping. He dumps his clothes on the laundry room floor, half of the bedroom is a mess, and he leaves cans and wrappers all over the living room. He’s even stopped getting the kids up, which has upset them as they love their mornings with dad.

He’s also been coming home hours later than usual.

OP has been letting it go as he seems very stressed out, but a few days ago, he snapped at OP for being a “bad wife” for allowing his clothes to go unwashed. OP reminded him that he always did his own laundry and hadn’t asked her to do it. 

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What Happened Last Night?

Last night OP made chicken alfredo. She says, “we have it about once a week because the kids love it, and no one’s ever complained. Well, he bitched through the whole dinner”.

He told her she wasn’t caring for the house, so she should atleast put a good meal on the table. He added that she has been letting the whole family go bad, and she should be ashamed of herself for treating him and his children like that.

He also called her a lousy wife and mother in front of the children. She told the children to go to their rooms and snapped, says 

I screamed at him about how much I do for the household, that if it wasn’t for me, the place would be trashed, and he has no right to treat me like this over chicken alfredo. We went back and forth for a while before he left, and I have no idea where he went, and he isn’t answering my calls or texts.”

OP says she feels terrible now and shouldn’t have reacted as she did. Mainly because she knows he is stressed with work. She wants to see if she is wrong?

While the netizens made sure she is calmed down and not the wrong person in this scenario, the updates will make you cringe further. 

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She called her husband for the 100th time because he still hadn’t come home, and the kids wanted to know where he was, and a woman answered. OP says, “I didn’t recognize her voice, and he has no sister. I asked her to put me on the phone with my husband, and she asked who I was; I said I was his wife, and she laughed into the phone and told me he was busy. We went back and forth, with her laughing at me the whole time before telling her she’ll send him home soon and hanging up”.

OP says it’s the following day, and he’s still not home. She didn’t think he was cheating; she had hoped this was just a rough patch, but it looked like many netizens warned her of this.

She says, “I’m heartbroken, a little in shock, and not really sure what to do right now. My brother said I should come to stay with him, and I might, or maybe just bring the kids, so they don’t have to see us fight. I might update again, or I might not, but I’m sure you all know where this is heading anyway.”

What do you think about this? What should she do now?

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