We often like to think of ourselves as the nicest, most polite, and most inclusive country in the world. But the truth is, we have our own problems, just like any other country.

A netizen recently asked, People, what’s something we Canadians aren’t ready to hear? And we were blown away by the responses!

The Commonality Between Canada & The US 

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“I’ll start as a Canadian myself: We probably have much more in common with the USA than we’d like to admit.” Said OP. 

” You’re the only people from an Anglophonic country where I don’t immediately notice you’re a foreigner.” Another added.  

Their Goosey Geese

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“Your geese are giving you a bad name.” Said one. 

“I hate Canadian geese so, so, so, so much. They are everywhere, poop like it is their job (going out of their way to make sure it is done on commonly walked sidewalks), and are just loud and annoying. Even had to deal with them on two different coasts. There is no escape. Please take them back, Canada.” Another added. 

Y’all Live Within 100 Miles Of The US Border 

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“Most Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border. Spread out a little, eh!” Said one. 

“I have a friend who lives in Northern Ireland, and she was shocked when I showed her that she was like 10 degrees more northern than me, yet I get colder and hotter than Northern Ireland.” Another added. 

Canadian Mining Companies Are Destroying Mexico’s Ecosystem

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“Canadian mining companies are destroying Mexico’s ecosystem, and for how much some Mexicans think that the Spanish took all their resources, Canada has taken more silver and gold in 5 years than Spain in 300.”

Tim Horton’s Isn’t That Special 

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“Tim Horton’s ain’t nothin’ special.” Said one. 

“It’s truly terrible. They have to stop selling their terrible hot food and refocus on doughnuts and coffee. There’s no reason their drive-thrus should be backed up in the morning by people ordering 3 awful chicken wraps, it’s a coffee shop.” Another added. 

Foreigners Are Buying Your Residential Real Estate Like Crazy

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“You have a weird thing going on with your residential real estate being bought up by foreigners for speculative and investment purposes.” Said one. 

“It’s not just foreigners buying them. It’s also our politicians and Canadian corporations.” Another added.

Canadian Bureaucracy Is Maddening

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“Canadian bureaucracy is damn maddening if you’re trying to get anything done in a timely fashion.” 

Y’all Don’t Do Your Bit When It Comes To The Environment

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“Pointing fingers at other countries’ stances on the environment while hardly doing your own part is a bit of a jerk move TBH.” 

You Guys Have Mistreated Indigenous People Too

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“You’ve been just as bad or worse towards the indigenous peoples as the USA.” Said one. 

“I’d say worse. Canada had residential schools up until the 90s. People talk crap about America for the way we treated natives. But completely overlook Canada and Australia.” Another added.

Not Everyone Wants To Be Your “Buddy” 

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“I think it’s about time Canadians realize that not everyone wants to be their buddy, their guy, or even their friend.” Said one. 

“Oh, dude man bro. We don’t want to be friends, we can’t remember your name.” Another added.

Canada’s Health Care System Isn’t As Good As Everyone Thinks

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“Canada’s health care system isn’t nearly as good as others think.” Said one. 

“That’s largely intentional. Certain provincial governments are working to sabotage the health care system to create an acute need for private players to fill the gap they created through deficient policies.” Another added.

Too Many Fires In Canada

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“Your country, it seems to be on fire. Stay safe y’all.”

Y’all Are Too Polite To Produce So Many Serial Killers

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“For such a polite group of people, you sure do produce a lot of terrifying serial killers.”

The Supposed Mexican Food In Canada Is BAD

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“The supposed Mexican food I had in your country should be considered an international crime.  Maybe my expectations were too high, but can’t you at least put canned sauce on your enchiladas instead of something that’s closer in taste to the marinara sauce?

Also, the people you put to staff immigration are jerks.”

We Don’t Hear From You Unless It’s A Disaster

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“American students spend about 2 days learning about Canadian history, and there is virtually nothing about current Canadian events in the news unless it is some disaster.”

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