A user took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for telling my girlfriend that I’m not going to drop everything to take her to the hospital anytime she feels discomfort?”


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27-year-old Original Poster (OP) and his 21-year-old girlfriend were expecting their first baby at the beginning of May. That pregnancy had been nothing short of chaotic. 


What Is OP’s Girlfriend Going Through

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OP’s girlfriend had never experienced pregnancy and was terrified to give birth, so she would freak out with any discomfort. OP understands that pregnancy is hard and scary, and his girlfriend didn’t have her family around to help her, so she was probably experiencing a lot of anxiety.


What Does OP Say

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OP was not trying to downplay that. OP was frustrated because he felt like she was taking advantage of the fact that she could get OP to do things for her just because she was pregnant. 

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What Happened Next?

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OP and his girlfriend got into a fight a few days ago.

She insisted she didn’t feel good and thought something was wrong with the baby. She wanted to go to the hospital to make sure everything was okay. They had been to the hospital for that kind of emergency four times since the beginning of her pregnancy. 


What Did OP Do

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OP had to go to work because they were severely understaffed, so he told her that if she still didn’t feel good tonight, he would ensure everything was okay.

She got upset with OP and said he never took her pain seriously. OP told her he couldn’t drop everything whenever she felt discomfort. Pregnancy was uncomfortable. 


What Did He Eventually Do

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They argued some more, and then OP left for work. When OP got home, he asked if she was feeling better, but she wouldn’t tell him.

She has stopped talking to OP about her pregnancy; he felt she was being manipulative by withholding information about their child because he didn’t immediately take her to the hospital. OP tried explaining his side of things to her, and he apologized, but she was still mad at him.


What Happened Next

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His girlfriend has been treating him like he’s the jerk, but he feels she isn’t seeing how frustrated and tired he is from constantly dropping everything for her. He wonders if he’s in the wrong or if she’s being unfair. Is he the jerk in this situation? What do you think?


Are You Crazy

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“Buddy, you should have thought of this before you got her pregnant. You’re locked in this rollercoaster now, and you’re just getting started. If she doesn’t have family around, then you’re it. You should let your work know she’s pregnant and you’re going to have a lot of sudden absences coming up.”


You’re A Jerk

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“Its a high risk pregnancy, and two of the times they went there was a legit medical problem (once because she fainted, other she was having early contractions). So he is a huge flaming jerk.”


Be Better

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“I just can’t with this guy. Your girlfriend has a high risk pregnancy and you think she’s overreacting to legitimate scares that have happened while she’s carrying YOUR baby??

You can’t plan medical emergencies buddy. Get a clue and be better!!

You are a jerk times a billion”

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