An internet user asked, Am I a jerk for refusing to drive my friend while she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, even though it made her late? Here’s the full story for you to conclude.


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The Original Poster (OP) (22f) joined a hiking group a few months ago to make some new friends. There, she met this girl named Reese (23f). They share a lot of the same interests and they became pretty good friends. 


What Happened Four Days Ago?

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For the past month or so, Reese has been on the hunt for a new job since her current one has abysmal pay.

She finally got an interview, but about 4 days ago, her car broke down and she had to take it to the shop. Because of this, she asked OP to drive her to the interview and OP agreed since her apartment and her interview site are both within 15 minutes of OP’s apartment. 


On The Day Of The Interview

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On the day of the interview (2 days ago), OP drove to Reese’s building and she got in the car and everything seemed okay.

However, when OP was pulling out of the parking lot, she noticed Reese wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. Since OP is uncomfortable driving people without seatbelts, she asked her to put it on, thinking she just forgot.but when OP said that, Reese told her she doesn’t wear seatbelts. 


Reese’s Seatbelt Phobia And OP’s Response Towards It

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OP immediately stopped the car and told Reese she needed to put it on and the car would not be moving while she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Reese got upset and said that her uncle died in a car accident because he got twisted up in his seatbelt and wasn’t able to get out of the car before it exploded, so she doesn’t wear a seatbelt for “safety reasons.” 


OP Stood Firm

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OP felt terrible for her, but she stood firm and said she didn’t want to get a fine for someone else not wearing a seatbelt. Furthermore, if they got in an accident and Reese got hurt because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, OP wouldn’t be able to live with herself. 


The Argument Followed 

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Reese only got more upset and said it was only a 15-minute drive, and the chances of them getting into an accident are so low, so it doesn’t matter.

She also said she’s a grown woman and OP can’t control what she does. OP said that’s true, but OP is also a grown woman and she can choose whether or not she wants to drive her car, and if Reese wasn’t going to wear a seatbelt, OP wasn’t going to drive her. 

They argued for a little bit more before OP told her she can get an Uber if she feels so strongly about it. Reese called OP a jerk and got out of her car and OP just left. 


What Did Reese Do Later?

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Reese later texted OP and said that she ended up being late for her interview, and now because of OP, she wasn’t going to get the job. OP told her that all she had to do was put on a seatbelt and she made herself late. She responded that OP wasn’t more understanding of her trauma and that she’s a controlling person. 

“So now I’m having second thoughts. I don’t know, should I have just bitten the bullet and driven her?” Asks OP. 


Reese Made Herself Late

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“Not the jerk. As a med-surgical nurse, I have seen the results of people not wearing seatbelts. It’s gruesome. Reese made herself late.” Said one. 

“My brother was killed in a car accident 26 years ago because he was not wearing a seat belt. I absolutely ALWAYS wear my seat belt and insist on anyone else wearing theirs as well. Thank you for doing the job that you do.” Another added.


You Were Just Conforming To The Law

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“Not the jerk. Not only were you actually concerned about her safety, but you also didn’t want to BREAK THE LAW. Like I’m so sorry for her uncle, but she should look up stats for how many car accidents turn fatal because someone WASN’T wearing a seatbelt.” 


You Did The Right Thing 

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“Most places are now clicked it or ticket, regardless of where people sit. I refuse to be responsible for other people’s foolishness. Everyone buckles up in my car or nobody goes anywhere. Simple as that.”


Your Car, Your Rules

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“Your car, your rules. If she can’t do something simple like wear a seatbelt because you, being the driver of the car under your insurance and politely asked her to, trauma or not she’s SOL. Take a bus then if you’re fearful of seatbelts.” 


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