What would you do if someone accidentally charges you money and ends up maxing out your card?

An internet user recently shared an incident, saying, “Wedding vendor accidentally charged me $13k and maxed out my card. Can I do anything about it today?”

Here’s the full story for your context.


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This is for a Capital One Venture card. So the Original Poster’s (OP’s) wedding is this weekend and he had to make the last payment for catering.

He filled out a CC authorization form last week and told them they could charge his card on the 29th for about $6400 when it was due.

What Happened This Morning

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OP woke up this morning to an email saying there was an “error in their point of sale system and you might see a pending transaction that will be dropped after midnight tonight.

We were able to immediately void the transaction, etc etc”

Now, What?

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Well, that pending charge is for $12,800 in addition to the correct $6400 charge, so now the card is maxed out. OP suspects, he won’t be able to use it until at least Thursday when the pending transactions clear.

“If I call Capital One to explain the situation, will they be able to remove the pending charge early?”, asks OP.

Ask For A ‘Temporary Credit Limit Increase’

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“Call your credit card issuer, explain the situation, and ask for a ‘temporary credit limit increase’. They can do that without a credit check, and you’ll have a higher limit for a cycle or two.”

It’s Going To 100% Depend

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“It’s going to 100% depend on their credit card processor, bank, and batching process.

If I charge/refund and then batch before 6 pm it all clears the next morning. As in…I get my money and/or my customers’ stuff posts.

That said, it sounds like they don’t know their system because they should have been able to VOID the first transaction and not have a separate reversal.”

It Was Most Likely A Mistake On Their End

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“Well, if you have a temporary authorization hold of 13k, and it was a mistake on their end, the vendor should be able to get on the phone with their credit processor, and your bank and get it sorted out.

It’s a pain in the rear. However, it used to be able to be resolved like that…but you have to get the right person on the phone at both ends.”

Go For The ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ Path

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“The ‘two birds one stone’ path is applying to a new card with instant access to the number or the option to add it to Wallet. Generally good life advice: Try to avoid single points of failure.”

The Venue Should Be Super Sympathetic!

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“I personally don’t think calling them to speed up the removal of the pending charge will yield the results you want. The venue’s bank probably plays a larger role. Maybe THEY can call their bank to speed up the return of funds. I just don’t see how Cap1 can take your word for it and stop the pending charge.

Even if you produce an email. Lots of folks would be calling up and stopping pending charges with all kinds of photoshopped ‘proof’.

The venue should be doing crazy leg work to fix this. I would ask them to make some deductions from the bill to compensate for the gross error and return it in cash. 12k is quite an amount! They know you may have had post-wedding plans that involve spending money. They better be super sympathetic!

Good luck and congrats!”

I Would Expect Them To Be Understanding

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“Venture is a decent credit card product. Assuming you didn’t just open it and aren’t maxed everywhere else (and I paid for a wedding, so I get it if you are temporarily) I would expect them to be understanding and temporarily bump your limit while you get everything sorted.”

The Only Way Out Is To Offset The Transaction

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“The merchant can send through a refund authorization to offset the transaction. That is the only way to open up that credit until the authorization falls off. I am so sorry this happened.”

You Will Likely Have To Wait

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“Unfortunately there is not anything that Capital One can do beyond the request for the credit limit increase. You will likely have to wait for the authorization to fall off.

Sometimes the merchant is able to reverse it more quickly on their side, but Capital One does not have any process or ability to cancel authorizations”

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