The guest list for a wedding is often a delicate matter, filled with personal considerations and complex decisions. In this particular situation, one individual faces the dilemma of whether or not to extend a wedding invitation to their sister’s long-distance boyfriend.

A user asked, “Am I wrong for not giving a wedding invite to my sister’s long-distance boyfriend?”. Read the complete story to know more.

Background Story

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The Original Poster (OP)  is 35 years old, and OP’s fiance (27) is getting married next month. All the RSVPs have been received, and catering and tables have been confirmed.

OP’s Sister and Her Boyfriend Have Been Dating

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OP’s sister (31) and her boyfriend (34) have been long-distance (LD) for the past six months.

On someone asking, OP disclosed that they had been together for 8-9 years. 

What Did The Sister Say?

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She told OP recently he’s visiting next month after he can get time off work. OP says, “Good for them, but she’s saying he should be allowed to attend my wedding too.”

What Did OP Do?

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OP said no because the wedding’s soon and everything’s set. 

What Does OP Say

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OP says, “He didn’t live nearby and wouldn’t be coming initially. I can’t make exceptions for every guest with a last-minute honey coming in. My fiance also agrees with this, his stepbrother’s been seeing a girl for a few months, and even she’s not coming. I tried to explain all this to my sister, but she got pretty mad at me and refuses to talk to me.”

What Did Others Have To Say?

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OP’s fam/friends who know about this whole thing are torn; some are saying it’s their choice, but some are saying they’re acting like a jerk.

OP wants to know if he is a jerk.  Here is what others have to say:

You Are A Jerk

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“You’re a jerk. That’s not some “long-distance boyfriend” of six months. OP’s comment says they’ve been together for 8-9 years (!) before recently transitioning to long distance.”

There’s no way that length of time passes, and you don’t consider them family. You have issues with the guy and just don’t want him there.”

You’re Insane

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“What the hell, OP, how was “they were together for 8-9 years before this” irrelevant to your original question? You are a jerk for sure.”

Your Sister Should Do the Same With You

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“Ugh. I hope when the sister and her boyfriend eventually get married (assuming they do), OP is given the same treatment, and they get a single invite and no plus one. You are a jerk, OP. You don’t like the guy and are trying to use their LD relationship as a reason not to invite.”

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