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A user took to the forum to ask “Am I wrong for refusing to pay for my boyfriend’s food after he ruined my food photos?”. Read the complete story to know who is wrong here.


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The Original poster ( OP ) has an Instagram account dedicated to photos and short videos of food from local restaurants in her city. 


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OP says that she doesn’t turn meals into a whole photoshoot production when she goes out, but she likes to snap a few photos of everything as it comes out.


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She had about 1000 followers; it was just a hobby for her. OP has made friends with some other bloggers, and she likes to go out with them, get pics together, and try new restaurants. 


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OP prefers doing this with her girls because OP’s boyfriend hates it, and he will go out of his way to take a big bite of food or mess up his plate with his fork before OP can snap any pics. 


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OP’s boyfriend rolls his eyes when OP takes pictures of her food, so OP stops bothering him when she and her boyfriend go out together.


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OP says that she was short of money because of her medical bills, so she hasn’t been able to go out to eat with her girls. OP also said that the infrequent date with her boyfriend was the only chance she got to eat out. 

So, OP had to let her boyfriend sit down and told him to let her enjoy her things. 


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OP told her boyfriend she would take pics of her food when they went out and asked not to be immature about it.


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OP and her boyfriend each pay for dates on alternate days. OP asked her boyfriend if he could spare 30 seconds for her to snap a pic of the appetizer and his meal on nights that she was paying. 

OP also got half-hearted to get a confirmation to do whatever she wants. 


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Sunday was OP’s turn to pay, and her boyfriend let her take a picture of the appetizer with minimal fussing. But then, when the entrees came out, OP went to snap a pic of his boyfriend’s food, but he messed it up with his fork. 

Then OP’s boyfriend reached over and stirred up OP’s pasta to ruin the photo of OP’s meal! 


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OP was angry that she refused to pay her boyfriend’s half at the end of the meal, which made him angry. OP’s boyfriend said he wouldn’t have ordered a cocktail if he knew OP would skip her turn. 

OP’s boyfriend said she owes him one because she doesn’t get to decide not to pay according to their agreement after they have already ordered.


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“He also messed up Her meal as well as his own. He had no right to touch her food, and she should have stuck him with the whole bill.”


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“Not wrong – what he does disrespect you and who you are. Why are you with a man that treats you like this? Seriously think about other ways he treats you in your relationship, and is this a consistent tone across everything?

Also, you have money concerns right now, yet he’s going out of his way to buy more expensive meals and cocktails because you’re paying. Says a lot about his character.”

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