A Redditor approached the  forum and asked, “Am I wrong for taking my dog into the grocery store for no more than 10 minutes?”


The original Poster (OP) is a 23-year-old female. She is a proud owner of Peanut, a Yorkshire Terrier.

OP took Peanut to the dog park and Petsmart, and in the same complex was the grocery store. It was a warmer day, and she didn’t want to leave Peanut in the car. So OP leashed him up and took him in with her.

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What Happened When She Took Peanut IN?

OP had planned on a quick trip, at most ten minutes. OP went to the produce department to grab some stuff. A guy, probably in his 30s, not an employee, rudely told OP that pets weren’t allowed in grocery stores and asked why OP had a dog with her.

Before OP could respond, he told her that having a dog in the produce section was gross.

OP explained that it was hot outside and planned to be quick in the store. OP apologized and said the most convenient thing for her was bringing Peanut along. He told OP she shouldn’t be a lazy pet owner and stormed off.

It was a bit of a scene. OP felt uncomfortable and left. OP thought it’d be no big deal as Peanut didn’t misbehave.

OP asks, “Am I the..hole?” 

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What Did Others Think?

Redditors tagged her as the A..hole. One said, “Yes, you are wrong; as someone who works in a grocery store, don’t bring your dog to a grocery store.” 

Another said, “Exactly, it’s unhygienic and inconsiderate to anyone with dog allergies. Plus, it adds a potential liability to the store because it violates the health code.” 

Another user added, “I adore dogs. I don’t want to see them in grocery stores (service animals being the obvious exception). If it’s too hot for the dog in the car, you run those errands later.”

Was OP right in taking her dog to the grocery store, or should she have left him out? What do you think? What would you do in this situation?

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