A Redditor asked, AITAAm I wrong, for not attending my husband’s celebration dinner due to the restaurant not having anything I could eat?


The Original Poster (OP) says that her husband has worked hard the last two years to advance at his company. He finally got the promotion he was after. 

OP says she is proud of him, and so are his parents, and that is why he wanted to take us all out to dinner to celebrate. 

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What He Wanted His Celebration To Be?

OP’s husband loves prime rib, and only one place in our area serves that. So, he picked that restaurant.

OP says, “I’m not fond of steak, and I’ll eat it but very rarely. I prefer chicken or fish. I looked up the menu before leaving, and they have a limited menu. The place had only one fish entree and two chicken entrees, and none sounded good for various reasons. I suggested that he pick someplace else so everyone could eat. He refused to cite that we rarely get to go to this place but go to other places in our area regularly, which is true. Still, those places have lots of variety, so everyone can eat.”

OP’s husband suggested she ask the restaurant if they could prepare fish or chicken without the marinades or sauces. Still, she wanted to be easy for the kitchen staff. 

His next suggestion to OP is that she order dessert. At the same time, everyone else eats entrees, and then when everyone is done, he takes OP where she wants to eat dinner while he and the kids can eat dessert. 

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What Did The OP Do?

On this, OP decided to opt out of going altogether because she didn’t want to sit there, not eating and not having a good time when everyone else was. OP’s husband asked her to go so he could celebrate with the most important people in his life. 

OP told him no again and that he needed to get going before he was too late. He returned a little over an hour later with kids with to-go boxes. OP’s husband made it clear that he didn’t realize how to explain to the kids why OP didn’t come without making her out to be wrong. So, he decided to get to-go boxes for them and spend some time with their grandparents in the parking lot. 

OP told him that he should have stayed, but he said that she put him in the wrong spot with the kids, knew he wanted everyone to be there and that she could have gotten over her picky eating for just one night. 

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What Do You Think

After this also, OP says I maintain that if he really wanted us to all eat dinner as a family, he should’ve picked a restaurant with a more accommodating menu. Am I wrong?

Was OP correct to refuse to go? Was it inappropriate for him to opt for a restaurant without considering her needs? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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