When individuals present themselves as something they are not, it can either be exasperating or comical. Here’s an incident that falls within the same spectrum.

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for laughing at my brother’s tattoo?”. We need to know your take on the matter. 


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This is a pretty cut-and-dry scenario. The Original Poster’s (OP’s) (32M) little brother (25M) has been in a string of relationships since he was young enough to know what dating was.

On several occasions, the relationships ended because he was caught cheating with another girl (these are just the ones that OP knows about, there could be more). In fact, his current GF (19F) was the ‘other woman’ from his previous relationship.

The “Ironic” Moment 

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OP’s brother (let’s call him Danny) still lives with OP’s parents, and OP headed over on the 4th for a barbecue.

When he reached out for a hug, OP noticed his arm was super red, and he showed OP his brand new tattoo that he had literally just gotten. In huge words, it said “LOYALTY” in cursive. 

Where OP Thinks He Might Be The Jerk

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Where OP might be the jerk is that he kinda laughed as soon as he saw it and didn’t try to hide it at all (it wasn’t a dramatic laugh).

He said what’s so funny and OP just said his tattoo was really ironic. OP’s brother got frustrated and stormed off to his room and didn’t join OP and his parents (+ their sister) for dinner. 

What Does Everyone Else Think?

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OP told them what happened, and they said OP was being a jerk, and OP’s sister said people are allowed to change. 

OP says, “I think he’s acting like a child by locking himself in his room and that I shouldn’t be blamed for a 25-year-old storming off.”

Now OP wants to know if what he did was wrong.

You Ain’t The Jerk At All

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“I’m sorry, but you ain’t the jerk. Someone who cheats hardly gets to be upset that someone laughed at them for tattooing the word ‘loyalty’ on their body.”

It’s Both Hilarious And Nasty

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“Not the jerk. It’s hilarious. Also, kinda nasty that your brother dates so young.” 

It Was Merely A Reaction 

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“Little bro just seems to make one bad decision after the other. You laughed. It was a reaction.”

You’re Absolutely Right 

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“You’re right, you shouldn’t be blamed for an adult to storm off and lock themselves in their room like a spoiled child.” 

How Does A Serial Cheater Land On That Word?

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“Lol or if you are, I am too ’cause I also would have laughed. Like there are so many words in the English language, how does a serial cheater land on ‘Loyalty’ and think ‘Yup, that sums me up right there’?

Hopefully, he got it because he finds it aspirational LOL but if that be the case, he wouldn’t be so butt-hurt at being laughed at for it. Seems like a case of someone not knowing themselves and being offended when seeing someone else’s perception of them.”

He Seems To Be An Immensely Immature Poser

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“From what you posted, your brother is an immensely immature poser. He gets a word tattooed on his arm which he has demonstrated, with his actions,  is not descriptive of his character.  You did him a favor. 

As long as you are not some jerk who has spent a lifetime ragging on him you may be the right person to get him to snap out of this BS he pulls in life.

My favorite part is, your 25-year-old brother, who lives with his mamma, ran off to his room and wouldn’t come out for dinner.  I hope he let Mamma give him his bath before his bedtime.”

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