Sunrise weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples seek a more intimate and unique wedding experience. With their stunning backdrops and romantic atmosphere, sunrise weddings are perfect for couples who want to start their new life together in a truly memorable way.

A user asked the forum, Am I a jerk for wanting a sunrise wedding?


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The original poster and her fiancee usually wake up early to go to the beach every year on their anniversary to watch the sunrise together. 

She considers it a very special tradition, as they have both overcome several personal challenges during their time together, and she also says that the symbolism of watching a new day begin was deeply meaningful for them.


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OP and her fiancee wanted to incorporate this into their wedding. 

They planned to have their ceremony on the beach and have everyone walk over to a beachfront restaurant for breakfast, bloody Marys, and mimosas. They have already talked to the restaurant owner, who loves the idea and said they would be happy to open early for them.


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She says after that, everyone will be free for the day.

She also says that their friends and family are mostly local and should all be able to travel to the beach in under an hour, except for some extended family flying in from Canada, but she says that’s unavoidable.


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She also confessed that Based on their geographic location and the wedding date next summer, they had scheduled the ceremony start time for 5:30 a.m., when there should be plenty of light, but the sun itself won’t be quite visible yet.


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She says that she has been getting a lot of backlash from their families about this, saying this is way too early and they need to move the ceremony to a more normal time of day. 

But OP and her fiancee don’t feel like they are asking for anything that unreasonable. OP asks if she is a jerk for deciding this.


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“Do you want your friends and family there? If so, don’t have a wedding at 5:30 AM. If it doesn’t matter if they are there or not, do what you want.

It’s totally unreasonable to not only have a wedding that early and expect people to come but also expect them to be 100% thrilled.”


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“I wouldn’t attend this wedding; that’s a crazy time. However, it’s your wedding, and so do you. Just be aware there may be low attendance.”


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“Their attendance will be a few yawning friends who are clutching their five extra shots of coffee. Lots of them will then excuse themselves from the wedding party for being too tired. It does not sound like a dream wedding.”


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“That’s an insane expectation to have for people. Even if they make it there, people will most likely be half asleep and not able to enjoy your wedding with you.

Travel time is “under an hour,” plus they have to eat breakfast and get dressed, so they’ll be waking up at 4:30 at the latest.

Having a bunch of tired, grumpy wedding guests driving to the same location at 5 AM sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Maybe have the ceremony with just you and your husband at that time and then have a reception party later in the day.”


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“Gonna go with a gentle here. I LOVE Sunrise, so I feel your intent here. But being an early morning person, you should have learned by now that you cannot force that enthusiasm. Some people just can’t do it. Circadian rhythm and all that. You guys are asking more than you realize.

I think you need to push it to later in the morning. Perhaps work in a private pre-ceremony toast at dawn?”

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