Much like its trailer broke the internet, the Barbie movie is breaking box office records in the theaters like crazy these days. That being said, like any other movie, it may not have met everybody’s expectations.

A netizen recently shared an ‘unpopular’ opinion regarding the same, saying, “The Barbie movie doesn’t feel artificial and plastic enough. The people they cast look like aging adults in their mid-40s in bright clothes with lots of CGI.

None of them look like perpetual teenagers like Barbie or beauty queens. They all look like middle-aged Hollywood people with wrinkles. This movie doesn’t look like Barbie, it looks more like Madame Tussauds.”

Let’s have a look at what other users had to say about this.

It’s Supposed To Feel Like Roleplay

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“From what I get from the trailer, it’s supposed to feel like roleplay in the sense that a child could imagine Barbie and Ken going about their day, and the somewhat adult humor can be what a child sees or hears from the adults around them (experiences from environmental factors).

So instead of super stiff plastic Barbie, we are getting a more realistic Barbie.”

It’s A Live Action Movie, Not An Animation

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“I think the reason your opinion is unpopular is because it’s not really possible. It’s a live-action movie. You can’t expect real humans to look like plastic/a doll.

If you’re going to be this nit-picky, remember that she also has an incredibly tiny waist and incredibly tiny feet, while still being tall.

No real human could ever depict her proportions accurately. So no live-action would ever really be good enough for your standards anyways.”

It’s Designed Like That For A Reason

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“It stars (among others) Ryan Gosling, it’s intended to be something a specific demographic of adults can watch with their kids guilt-free. This isn’t a dig at Ryan Gosling, one needs only watch *The Believer* or *Blade Runner 2049* to know he has acting chops, but he also has an interesting collection of fans, there’s no denying that.”

Thank God They Didn’t Cast Teenagers

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“TBH I’m glad they cast talented actors with a few small wrinkles rather than a bunch of 20-somethings picked solely for their looks. I’ve been a Barbie fan ever since I was a kid and I think Robbie and Gosling are perfect for Barbie and Ken.”

Talent Over Looks, Any Day

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“Even if what you were saying about the ages is true, I’d trade a few years up on actors to ensure talent and wit throughout the film’s runtime. I’d rather watch Robbie and Gosling for a whole movie than younger people who aren’t as good.”

Ryan Gosling Seemed Forced

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“I love Ryan Gosling but he’s like 20 years too late in making this movie. It seems like all the makeup they jammed on his face to make him look ‘young’, actually made him look worse.”

Let’s Have A Throwback

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“Eye roll. Let’s just think about all the jobs Barbie has had over the years. Doesn’t seem like a ‘perpetual teenager’ toy. Barbie was an adult woman who showed little girls they can be whatever they want ‘WHEN THEY GROW UP’.”

That’s Now How Things Are Supposed To Be

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“Barbie isn’t supposed to be a teenager. Skipper is the teen and Stacy is a pre-teen.”

Margot Robbie Was Easily The Best Bet

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“Margot Robbie is most definitely a ‘beauty queen’, she’s easily one of the best-looking women I’ve ever seen.

She feels like Barbie and also Margot Robbie can act the hell out of any role she’s given, even if Barbie is a flop, the saving grace will be Margot Robbie.”

Barbie Was Supposed To Be In Her Thirties

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“I, a millennial woman, am fairly sure that I am the exact target audience. If I remember from my childhood, Barbie was supposed to be in her thirties.

I actually really like that they cast a woman in her thirties, so we can see what that level of plastic, campy, femininity would look like on a mature woman.

Also, 30 is not middle-agedmore”

It’s Not Only Impossible But Pointless

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“The whole point for years has been that Barbie is an incredibly unrealistic look that no one, in reality, can look like. It’s the reason we see so many botched plastic surgeries that were going for the Barbie look.

I get what you’re saying to an extent, but not only is it impossible it would likely reinforce a lot of the negative ideals around the physical aspects of Barbie.”

The Barbie Girl Music Video Had Set The Bar High

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“Aqua did it best in the Barbie Girl music video. Their facial expressions looked so plastic! They even walked awkwardly and moved their arms in a doll-like way.”

Have You Heard About The Barbie Lores?

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“Do you even know any of the Barbie lore? She’s not a teenager, she’s actually (canonically) really old, she just looks young because she’s made of plastic. she’s at least 35 due to the fact that she was president, she was also an astronaut, a doctor, a vet etc., not things you can achieve as a teenager.”

A Plastic Toy-Like Aesthetic Working Would Have Not Worked

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“I feel like the way they’ve gone is the only way it could be good. I can’t imagine a plastic toy-like aesthetic working.

I think they’ve struck a good balance between the brand and making a movie and making it seem not childish enough to make adults hate it, but easy watching enough to have kids like it. Seems like it’ll be fine.”

Young Actors Would’ve Been Better

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“I agree, they should have used younger actors. I was not impressed when I saw the first trailer. Now it looks good so I am excited.”

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