Relationships are delicate and can become strained if one partner takes the other for granted. A user asked on a popular forum, Am I wrong for Leaving a Vacation I Planned for my GF After Her Friends Came Along?

We think he was right, but we want to know from you. Here is the entire story:


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The Original Poster (OP) is 28 a old male, and his girlfriend, Sarah, is 29. They had been dating for 5 years, and OP wanted to go on a vacation with her to celebrate this occasion.

OP Planned The Trip

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OP planned the trip for several months (of course, OP shared his plans with her girlfriend) and decided on skiing/snowboarding/other winter activities in Colorado. 

The activities seemed perfect to him, and the OP had been looking forward to this for months because he wanted to propose to her at the end of the trip.

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What Happened 5 Days Before?

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5 days before the trip, Sarah informed OP that she invited 2 of her friends on the trip. OP was upset because he wanted to spend one-on-one time with Sarah for their anniversary, and OP felt like it was clear that the trip was meant just for them.

What Did Sarah Say

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Even though OP expressed his concerns, Sarah insisted that her friends come along because they had already made plans.

What Did OP Do

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OP decided to accept that because he could not force her friends to not come. OP figured they could make some changes to their plans, and he would still be able to propose to her privately. 

Sarah essentially blew him off for her friends, and they didn’t get any private time.

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What Happened Next?

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After 3 days of not being prioritized over friends, OP decided to leave the trip and head home. He told Sarah why he was going, and she was upset.

What Happened Next

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She told her friends about OP’s decision, and he was ganged up. They said that they were all having a great time. Sarah thought OP was a jerk for making her pick between her friends and him. 

OP never had personal issues with her friends before this trip. OP never made Sarah pick between him or her friends because everyone needs friends outside of a relationship.

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What Happened Once He Was Home?

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OP was at home now and was thinking about everything. OP had a day to himself before Sarah came home, so at least he got to relax. Sarah and her friends thought OP was overreacting and felt he ruined the trip.

What Did OP Think

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OP thought Sarah was disrespectful and rude to him by ruining the purpose of this trip and having her friends gang up on him. OP asks, “Am I wrong for leaving a vacation I planned for my girlfriend after her friends came along?”

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What Do We Think?

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The OP tried to accommodate the friends. While upset, he still went on vacation, thinking Sarah and he will get some private time (which is reasonable). He definitely, isn’t in the wrong because he tried to make things work and clarified that the vacation was planned for them.  

We read some comments, and one stuck out to us. A reader says, you are not wrong, but are you sure you still want to propose to her?

Re-evaluate Things

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At this point, the OP should wait it out and reevaluate a few things in the relationship. For example, why did she skip over asking him if it was ok to invite friends? Does she understand that ganging up on him with friends was wrong? Did she ask him why he was so upset?

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