When you win a lottery, there can be many people expecting financial help but do you look after everyone? A user asks, “Am I wrong for not giving my fiancé’s daughter money when I won the lottery?” We want to hear from you.


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The Original Poster (OP) is a 35-year-old female engaged to her fiancé Brian 37, male. They’ve been together for two years. He has a daughter Ashley 14, from a previous relationship. OP is currently pregnant with their daughter.

OP Likes To Play Lottery

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OP likes to play the lottery sometimes. Usually, they scratch tickets. This time she won 50,000. Of course, she was very excited. OP decided to take the money and put it away for her future child’s future.

What Happened When She Told Brian?

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OP told Brian about the money and that it was being put away for our baby’s future. He said they should take some money for Ashley since she will graduate high school in a few years.

Ashley Has A College Fund

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Brian and his ex have a college fund set up for Ashley but not enough for all of it. OP told him this money would be being used for their child since she won it, and she would be paying taxes on it since we’re not married yet.

OP also let him know once the baby was born, it would go into a trust that no one had access to.

What Did Brian Say?

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Brian and Ashley think she is being ridiculous since the unborn baby would already have more money than Ashely and that it’s unfair.

OP Explained That She Understood

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OP explained that she understood their feelings but thought she was doing the right thing. Now OP’s mother-in-law is also pressuring OP because Ashley went to her house feeling upset, saying the baby is getting preferred treatment already.

OP Wants To Know

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OP is asking if she is wrong.

OP says, “Many people ask how Ashley knows about the money. She walked into the house while we discussed it and overheard our conversation. We didn’t hear her come inside. Ashley then thought this meant “we” won the money, as in her father and I since were engaged.”

Here is what others think

Get A Prenup

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“Not wrong. Get a prenup.”

Do Not Marry

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“Run. Do not marry that man.”

“THIS! He is not entitled to one cent of that money; certainly, his daughter IS NOT. She already has two parents who are putting up money for her, but she and others are mad that another person, you, is not contributing. What the hell is that.”

Ask If Brian’s Ex Will Contribute

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“Ask Brian if his ex will contribute to your daughter’s college fund.”

Ashely Has Two Parents Already

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“No, not wrong. Ashley has two parents to pay for her, your fiance and her mum. Your baby has two parents to pay for it, you and your fiance.

You are not married to your fiance; your money is not his money, and his money is not your money.”

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