Baristas and waiters often face rude and dismissive behavior from customers who don’t realize the impact of their words and actions.

What Is In Question

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Just to make them understand, someone shares a story worth reading. When they shared this with others, they thought it was wrong. They want to know what you think. She asks, “Am I wrong for pretending to get fired when customers get a temper with me?”


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high schooler and the Original Poster (OP) has a weekend job at a coffee shop, and he has a few co-workers who work weekends.

One of them is named James; he is the owner’s son and goes to the same school as the OP. He is also a shift manager, but according to OP, it is not formal, and he is friendly. The other one is Danielle, a college student who works weekends sometimes.  

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What Happened Next?

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OP shares that customers who come in are angry about little stuff.

He says, “I dunno if they’re in a bad mood already and looking for someone to take it out on or what, but it’s a lot… Like how sad your life has to be a grown man taking your anger out on high school and college kids.”

One day, James and OP were joking about having a little fun with them and hopefully getting them off their backs.

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What Did They Do?

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The next day, OP was at work, and someone with a temper walked in. He started shouting about how they don’t make the coffee hot enough, and OP couldn’t help this because he gave him the cup right out of the machine.

What Happened Next

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James asked if there was a problem, and the customer started ranting. As previously decided by both of them, James just says, “OP, this is unacceptable; you’re fired.”

OP started acting to be sad and started begging James to not fire him. OP says, “no, please don’t fire me; my family needs the money; I need this job, please,” James acts like a jerk, asking OP to take off the apron and leave. 

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What Did The Customer Do

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The customer, originally ranting, started to backtrack and said, “It isn’t that big of a problem; you don’t need to fire her over it. I didn’t mean it,” and James was like, “No, we pride ourselves on the best customer service.”

After the drama ended, OP still had the job. James and OP have done it several times, especially when customers lose their temper at Danielle, James, or OP. In most cases, the angry customer calms down, apologizes, and says they didn’t mean it.

What Did The Friends Say

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OP shared this with a few friends from school, and they thought it was a mean prank. According to them, it is awful to make someone feel they got them fired when they were desperate for the money.

Am I wrong about this joke?

You Are NOT A Jerk

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“That’s a perfect way of dealing with hostile customers.”

It Teaches Hostile Customers A Lesson

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“And when the hostile customers try to backtrack what they say makes it worth it. OPs tactic hopefully teaches them to stop complaining to service workers about things out of their control.”

It’s Hilarious

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“I also think this is hilarious and saw a variation of this in a corporate environment with the father of an acquaintance of mine who was a stock broker in the old days.

A client would yell at him and he would yell back in agreement and then they would 3 way call a dummy line where the broker would yell at the guy on behalf of the client and it would eventually calm everyone down.”

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