Is it typical in the US for men to give a Mother’s Day card to their children’s mother? Is it okay to ‘google’ stuff like this or does it just depict one’s laziness? We came across a slightly weird incident that revolves around a similar subject. Read on to get the gist of the matter.

Someone recently asked, Am I a jerk for using “google” and not writing enough on the Mother’s Day card I gave to my wife? We want you to give the final verdict.


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OP’s wife told him yesterday: “All I want for Mother’s Day is to have the day completely off. I don’t need or want anything else.” OP confirmed with her multiple times and then started planning a day for his two boys and him.


What Happens When The Day Comes By?

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The day comes by. OP says, ” I intercept my oldest son at 7 am before he comes into our room. We go downstairs to watch his favorite morning show and eat breakfast.


He Got The Youngest

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The moment I heard my youngest wake up, I got him out of his crib and downstairs. We finish breakfast, and I have them start working on handmade cards for my wife. When I hear her get up, we surprise her with the cards from the kids.” 


Here Is What Goes Wrong

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OP’s wife asks him: “Did you write me anything?” OP told her he was working on it, but wasn’t done, he had been busy with the kids and wanted to finish it up. She was not happy.


What Does OP Say

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OP says “I quickly finished it up and sent it to her. A note on this – I’m not a very well-spoken person, I have a hard time putting my thoughts together, so I used Google to turn my thoughts into a letter. She knows I struggle in this area.”


What Happened Next?

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Next, as OP enters, she tells him that he “plagiarized” and used Google for her letter. He told her he did, but the main points were his own. 

OP says, “I then sent her the “original,” and she scoffed and said, “that’s it?” Now, OP wants to know if he’s the jerk for using Google to make himself sound elegant? Or, is he the jerk for not writing “enough” in his original?

OP also shares his final thought: “all she wanted was a day off.” She is still getting that and is currently out with all her girlfriends.” 


Was She Like Marking You?

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“Not the jerk. I didn’t realize she was marking a paper you’d submitted. Maybe next year, it’s a bunch of flowers.” Said one. 

“My kids write Mother’s Day cards for my wife and give her a gift; I don’t because she’s not my mother,” Another replied. 


Both Of You Are Weird 

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“I will go against the grain and say everyone is a jerk here. Your wife shouldn’t expect you to read her mind that she wants a card when she explicitly said something else, and you were giving that to her.

On the other hand, Mother’s Day cards are a given… and you didn’t write anything until the DAY OFF? You should have had the foresight to realize you’d be busy with the kids on that day and made some effort to put something together beforehand. This is pretty essential planning.”


You Could’ve Done It Beforehand, Maybe?

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“Why didn’t you write the card the day before so it was ready to go?  And googling what to write sounds lazy.  She just wanted you to put in the effort to give her a heartfelt card on time.  She doesn’t sound ungrateful – she sounds fed up and unappreciated enough for you to make sufficient effort.”


Was She Doing It On Purpose?

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“This sounded like she was looking for a reason to be upset with you and criticize you. Good luck, buddy. You’re not the jerk.” 

“I’m sorry, but your wife doesn’t sound very nice. She’s demanding and critical. People who act like her soon find themselves with zero gifts or cards because of their crappy entitled behavior. She might respect you more if you call her on it. Good luck.”

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