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But what happens when technology takes over?  A user asked, Am I wrong for scheduling my text messages and gift reminders? You decide.



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The Original Poster’s daily life is messy. He manages a large number of people at his company. He travels constantly and frequently gets pulled in many directions throughout the day.


It Is Easy For Him

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All in all, it’s easy for him to lose track of little details and forget something important. He said he is always looking for ways to use technology to mitigate these issues and be more organized.

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What Happened A Couple Of Years Back?

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A couple of years ago, his IT person showed him how the new iPhone has a scheduling system. He showed OP how to set it to automatically do things like send a text at a specific time or when he arrives at a particular place. After learning how this works, OP has used it fairly often.


Some Examples

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For example, he has it set so that when he leaves the house in the morning, it texts his secretary that OP will be at the office in 10 minutes – he goes at varying times depending on if an executive needs to call him about something before he gets to the office.

This helps OP’s secretary schedule out the first couple hours of his morning before getting to his meetings and calls.


What Does OP Say

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OP says, “I also started using it a lot in my personal life. My girlfriend really loves it when I text her in the morning. I’d sometimes get caught up in work and forget, so I started writing a personal text out to her in the evening and setting it to send out at some time the next morning, just a little note about how I hope she has a great day, wishing her good luck on a presentation she has, etc.”


What Does OP Do

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OP’s mom is also a bit forgetful these days, so he frequently days in advance set up something like “Hey mom, hope you’re having a great day! Just wanted to make sure you remember it’s [niece]’s birthday party tonight at 7, don’t forget to bring cupcakes.” to go out to her that afternoon around 4 PM.

More of the same with other things, like OP will have it text his secretary a few days before a client’s birthday to ask her to send a gift. Overall, OP thinks it’s been helpful.

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What Happened Today?

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Last week, OP showed his brother how it all worked and suggested he could use it to help himself get more organized. OP’s brother told his mom and girlfriend about how OP uses his phone to automate when he texts them or sends gifts, and now they’re both really angry at OP.


What OP Says

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Despite how busy he is, they both say they felt like OP had been putting in so much effort to be thoughtful and caring. Still, it’s all just been a facade, and he is using his phone to automate it all.


What Did He Say

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OP says, “I honestly don’t think that’s fair. Every message I send them is something I write; every reminder is there because I set it myself. I’m doing this because I feel bad that I had in the past missed these details, and I feel like I’m just using the phone to help me be more organized and thoughtful. But they clearly don’t see it that way and act like I betrayed them.”

OP asks, Am I wrong?


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