An internet user asked the forum, “What’s something a partner said or did that made you immediately rethink your relationship?” The following responses made the most sense to us. 


Get Over You

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“I don’t want you to take this the wrong way but I could get over you way faster than you could get over me.” 



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“Disappearing for over 12 hrs with a “friend”  on my birthday.” said one. 

“Same thing happened to me, just for a few hours, but long enough to dump her afterwards – only to start a relationship with the girl again after 10 years. 

Needless to say, we are not together anymore.”, another user added.


Karma Belief

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“I was kind of building up to something with a girl I worked with until I heard her claim that people get diseases because they earn them karmically.

Since I had- just hours earlier- told her that my father’s Stage 4 cancer had returned, she either meant him or the news bounced off entirely. We didn’t really talk much after that.” 


Moving Into My House

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“My ex moved into my house without me asking her to. The next day while I was at work she just brought all her stuff over.” 


Trying To Hit Me

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“She hit me with anger with the intention to hurt me. I never hit her but I did have to confidently restrain her to prevent further harm.

That was the beginning of the end.” 


Cute Things Shouldn’t Be Fat

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“I dated a woman for a few years, and on one birthday, she wanted a bunny rabbit and everything needed for it, which I got her.

She only worked part-time and was home way more than I was. One day, I got home early while she was at work, and I found the rabbit dead.

I took it to the vet, and they determined it died due to being malnourished. I told her about it when she got home, and she admitted that she starved it because it was getting fat and cute things shouldn’t be fat.

I saw her true side and immediately ended the relationship.” 


She Got Extremely Defensive

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“She was a nurse and she was talking about someone working with her and I said “oh your work boyfriend” and she got extremely defensive.

I sat on that for a long while considering she always accused me of cheating and wanting other girls and the one time I made an innocuous comment she lost it…

Shocking twist, she cheated on me with him.”



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“My ex would hit me while I was driving. Also cheated on me but “it didn’t count” because it was with another woman.

Imagine my surprise when it turns out that I’m the monster in our friend group.” 


Responded Inappropriately 

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“In response to hearing a friend of mine died she said, “Well, that’s less drama in your life.”

Even if it’s meant to be a joke, that’s not the first thing one should say.” 


Joking About Illness

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“I was in an emotionally abusive marriage. She did and said a lot of things. At one point I had thyroid cancer, had it removed, did radio-iodine therapy, etc.

I then started on replacement thyroid hormones. It took me a few months to feel normal and not be dragging all the time. I started running and working out to kick-start my recovery. It was rough. 

One day after taking a shower I walked by a mirror and said “Hey, I look pretty good.” My ex responded by telling me that it was because of my “unfair advantage pills.” 

No, I had cancer and now need to take them for the rest of my life. That was the last straw. I left her soon after that.” 


Threatening To Kill

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“We got into a quarrel then I walked away. She made me come back by threatening me that she’ll end her life by swallowing a handful of meds and jumping off the 2nd floor.

Changed me since then but I haven’t noticed the effects until many months after. I just broke up with her last night.” 


Accusing Me Of Ditching Her

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“At a grocery store, I wandered into an aisle while she was looking at something in another aisle.

She took this as “ditching her” came up behind me and smacked me in the back of the head.

Not super hard but it is with malicious intent. 

Just looked at her differently after that. Wish I could say I broke it off right then but I’m an idiot.” 


Won’t Stop Talking To Her Ex

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“While I was trying to forgive my ex for cheating (I really loved her and thought everyone deserves a second chance), she said she considered the guy her “friend” and wouldn’t stop talking to him.

Suffice it to say, I dumped her on the spot and stopped wasting my time.” 


Difference Of Opinion

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“I found out a friend was being cheated on so I told him as soon as I found out because he planned on proposing to the cheater.

I told my then-girlfriend and she went ape crap about how “it wasn’t my place” and “that is between your friend and his girlfriend. Mind your business.” Red flags went up immediately. 

Found out a week later my girlfriend was also cheating LMAO.

Cheaters apparently don’t like it when other cheaters get outed.” 


Demanding Nature

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“An ex told me I should get a job so I can give her a house and buy her things.

She did this after talking crap about the job I wanted to pursue. She cared more about what I could provide than what I wanted.

I pretty much dumped her within the hour.

I had no intention of providing for someone whilst they do nothing, and didn’t wanna be with someone who doesn’t care about my wants.” 

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