Is it okay to actually call the cops when a kid messes up on their part and crosses the line but only because their mother consciously supported him throughout the scenario?

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for frightening my nephew and making him traumatized for life?”. We need your take on the matter.


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The Original Poster (OP) had a cookout at his place on the 4th. OP’s daughter’s (13) switch goes missing. He contacted family members and his wife’s sister (Kara) said his daughter gave it as a gift to her son Stevie (6) for his upcoming birthday.

OP Confirmed With His Daughter

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OP asked his daughter, and she said it wasn’t true. She let Stevie use it so they could all play Mario Cart together, and it went missing after the cookout.

OP’s Daughter Is Upset

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OP’s daughter is upset and OP calls Kara back who insists that the switch is now Stevie’s and OP’s daughter is too old to play anyways or will outgrow it soon and it was a gift to Stevie.

She calls OP’s daughter an “Indian Giver”.

What Did OP Do Next?

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After this, OP contacted his uncle who is a police officer and he watches Kara’s house and a few of his friends go over and threaten to arrest Stevie and Kara over stolen property.

Kara reluctantly gives it back after an incident with the officer that she could have been arrested.

“They warned Stevie next time he steals, both he and his mom will go to jail. They let my SIL go without incident.”, says OP.

Kara’s Reaction

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OP’s SIL says Stevie has been crying nonstop and having issues sleeping because he doesn’t want to go to jail and blames OP and his family for traumatizing her son.

OP’s Thoughts

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OP says, “My response might have been heartless because it was ‘I guess he’ll never steal again’. Kara thinks he’ll be traumatized for life for making a big deal over a stupid game.”

All She’s Doing Is Trying To Deflect

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“Your sister-in-law got caught stealing and is trying to deflect by telling you her son is traumatized. She thought you would just back down and let her steal from your daughter. Not the jerk.”

Stevie Has Bigger Problems

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“Not the jerk. Stevie has bigger problems, like having a mother who likes to steal.”

Both Of You Are Jerks

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“Everyone is being awful here for all the reasons given elsewhere. But also because your sister is racist as hell.

‘Indian giver’ is not a thing. It’s a disgusting, racist slur that implies that being a cheat is somehow a Native thing.

Your sister is an ignorant racist who encourages her 6-year-old to steal and lies to defend it, and you’re a bully who literally used cops to terrify a small child and, yes, probably traumatize him.

His mom told him it was okay to keep that Switch. She’s the person he trusts to teach him right from wrong. He’s way too little to understand that she could lie to him and you just sent the police to his house to tell him he’s a criminal and that he and his mommy could go to jail for doing what she told him was okay.

Yes, he needed to learn better, but not like that. This should have been handled between adults.”

You Should’ve Acted More Maturely

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“Everyone’s a jerk here (except your daughter). Obviously, the switch was stolen and your sister wasn’t going to do anything about it so you needed to figure out an alternative.

Why were third-party cops sent to the scene? Why didn’t you go over there and ask for it back?

Stand up for your daughter and teach her how to appropriately respond in situations like this. Instead, you called in an inappropriate favor and probably did make Stevie, who is SIX, scared.”

You Guys Should’ve Talked It Out

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Officers threatening a six-year-old with jail time is insane. The mom is awful, but so do the cops for that.

It should have been a stern conversation about right and wrong, not threatening a kid with jail time. He’s not a hardened criminal.”

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