Is it okay to use your kitchen sink to soak your baby’s poop clothes? Probably not. But is it something over which one should be called names?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for soaking my baby’s poop clothes in the kitchen sink?”. Here’s the full story for your context.


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So, the Original Poster (OP) is a first-time mom to an 8-week-old boy. She thinks she’s lucky to have a non-fussy baby.

He only really cries if he’s super hungry. However, he has earned the nickname “Mr Poop” as he has the occasional poopsplosion. One of those happened last night.

What Exactly Happened Last Night?

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OP’s husband was taking a nap last night as this all went down. OP went to their kitchen to wash a couple of bottles and she heard the baby fussing a bit in his bouncer.

She comes to check on him to find half the bouncer pooped on along with the onesie he’s wearing.

What Did OP Do Next?

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OP quickly removed his bouncer cloth and his clothes took his diaper off and immediately gave him a bath. OP put the soiled clothes into a plastic bag and left it to the side.

OP says, “Thankfully his bowel movements aren’t too bad because he’s a newborn still so they don’t really smell, nonetheless it’s still poop.”

They Went To Bed

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After bathing him and feeding him, OP was exhausted (she doesn’t get to nap during the day usually because her husband doesn’t usually take over taking care of the little guy – either during the day or night) so they went to bed.

What Happened This Morning?

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This morning, OP realized that she had to soak his clothes because she forgot to last night. So, OP put hot water and detergent in the kitchen sink and let everything soak before she rinsed it.

They went on a walk this morning and as they came back OP’s husband got up and as soon as he saw the soaking clothes with the poop he lost his mind. He called OP “Braindead” and insane and started yelling at her pretty badly, asking me what the hell is wrong with her, etc.

OP’s Excuse

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“To be honest, I was planning on bleaching the entire sink completely after the soak and I did end up doing so, but he said that it didn’t matter that I’m completely crazy and it was really dumb what I did.

He said I should’ve used a bucket outside instead but I honestly just did what I had to do as quickly as possible without having to leave the baby by himself inside.

Now I’m starting to think that maybe I should’ve been more mindful and maybe it was stupid of me to use the kitchen sink. So, am I a jerk?.”


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“This is not OK. You have an 8-week-old, and by the information in your post, you are the one tending to the child day and night. It’s hard work being so, so tired.

Kitchen sink, no I wouldn’t, but it doesn’t make you a jerk.

I hope he becomes a little more (by this I mean a lot) more supportive so you can get a little sleep and rest. Good luck with your newborn.”

The Kitchen Sink Isn’t Sacred

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“Not the jerk. The kitchen sink isn’t sacred. It’s a sink like any other. As long as you’re cleaning it, it’s fine.

I would be remiss if I didn’t advise that your husband is acting like an idiot in his own right. Not helping with the baby is bad enough; calling you ‘braindead’ and other such insults is unacceptable.

He needs to have an ounce of respect and compassion for his partner. Stand up for yourself and have a conversation about his behavior.

A few years from now, is he going to be insulting your toddler like that?”

Sinks Are Fully Sterilizable

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“Sinks are fully sterilizable. Your husband is an abusive jerk though. This is something so minor that screaming and insulting you is all the more absurd. Consider getting some support and leaving this dynamic.”

Don’t People Rinse Chicken In The Sink?

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“Yes, poop is nasty. Yes, we wash dishes in the sink. I bet a lot of people here also rinse their chicken in the sink, which is arguably nastier than poop, especially newborn’s poop, which is pretty benign.

Your husband is a jerk for talking to his newborn child’s tired and physically traumatized mother like that. Next time he has a problem with how you handle something to do with the baby, let him do it.

Also, if he continues this kind of behavior, you probably need to leave.”

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