Would you go mad at your loved one for baking you a ‘wrong’ cake on your birthday? Well, this guy did exactly that! It’s a story about a cake mix-up leading to some surprising emotions.

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for being honest with my girlfriend when she asked a question about the birthday cake she made me?”. We need you to look into this matter!


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The Original Poster (OP) (34M) had a birthday just yesterday, and his girlfriend (36F) offered to bake him a cake. OP told her he would prefer a chocolate cake (devil’s food) with chocolate icing and nothing fancy. 


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OP’s girlfriend is usually a great baker, and he guesses she thought that wasn’t sophisticated enough. She baked OP a chocolate cake with vanilla icing between the two cake layers, then surrounded it with chocolate frosting.


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The cake was fine, but OP was disappointed because it was not what he wanted. She must have noticed and asked OP if he was disappointed, so he was honest with her. Yes. He was disappointed. It wasn’t the cake he asked for. 

OP said, “If I wanted vanilla in a cake, I would have asked for vanilla in the cake.”


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OP says he didn’t make a scene. He didn’t pout. He even ate half of a slice of the chocolate part. OP’s girlfriend got upset with him and said, “But I’ve made vanilla cake before, and you liked it.” He said he doesn’t mind vanilla icing, but “It’s not what he wanted for his birthday.” 


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His girlfriend’s feelings were hurt, and she even said, “I’m not going to make you any cake next year,” to which he replied, “I will order my own and get my money back if they don’t do it like I want it.” 

That was the last straw. She asked OP to leave, later texted him that he embarrassed her in front of her kids, and now she won’t reply to his messages.


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OP thinks birthdays are important, and he feels he was honest with her when she asked him. He didn’t want to lie about it. 

“My friend told me I should have been grateful that she made me a cake, especially one I’ve eaten and liked. Maybe I overreacted a bit, though I don’t feel like I did, and I hope to get a second opinion. Am I a jerk here?” asks OP. 


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“It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and she only put a thin layer of vanilla frosting inside. As asked, she made you a chocolate cake and had plenty of chocolate frosting, but you got pouty about the inside filling (the thinnest layer) being vanilla. Grow up, man. You’re the jerk, and don’t expect any more baked goods.” 


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“I work in a bakery, and the funny part is that she made the cake he requested. Devil’s food is a round chocolate cake with white buttercream in the center and iced with fudge. With a dollop of the whip in the top center and a cherry on top, to be exact. 

They would have made it exactly like her if he’d come into the bakery and asked for a devil’s food cake without clearly specifying that he wanted chocolate buttercream filling.” 


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“Man, you’re 34 years old. Grow up. You’re acting like a 5-year-old. She didn’t have to, and probably shouldn’t have, baked you a cake, you ungrateful baby. I bet the next birthday cake she bakes for her new boyfriend will be much appreciated. You’re the jerk!” 


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“You’re the jerk. I honestly hope you never date again. Someone went above and beyond for your birthday, and you decided to not only insult the effort they put in for you but also act like this in front of their kids? Who cares if vanilla is on the cake? Are you allergic to it? The cake is cake. 

When someone does something nice for you, you enjoy the cake and thank them after. You sound like a massive entitled manbaby.” 


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“The girlfriend needs to run from this narcissistic jerk. Life has disappointments, and a little vanilla icing probably wouldn’t even be noticeable in an otherwise totally chocolate cake. You’re the jerk.” 


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“You’re the jerk. You certainly do not act your age. You need to build your distress tolerance. I’m flabbergasted by your lack of emotional intelligence and poor communication skills.” 

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