Our first relationships teach us valuable lessons that shape our views and values.  An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for eating fries that ‘weren’t mine’?”. Here’s the whole story for your context.


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So the Original Poster (OP) (50m) went to get some fast food today, and his (17f) daughter is upset with him. OP is on a diet so he needs to watch what he eats (diabetic) and OP opted to get a grilled chicken sandwich meal.

The Fries Entered The Chat

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The meal OP ordered comes with fries.

OP said he didn’t want them because he shouldn’t have them, so OP’s daughter asked if she could have them instead of them going to waste.

OP told her yes she could and she asked if he could get her a special sauce too, which he did.

What Did OP Do Next?

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When OP got in the car, he only wanted a few just for on the road, so he ate about maybe 4-5 of the larger waffle fries in the carton but left her a solid 1/3 of the rest.

OP’s Daughter’s Reaction

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When OP showed up and handed his daughter the bag with her portion of the fries, she was visibly disappointed and accused OP of being the “jerk” because they were HERS.

She thinks she specifically requested, and OP shouldn’t have eaten them. She said there were barely any in there (OP checked, there were a good 2-3 big fries with the rest crumbled a bit).

“Am I a jerk here?”, asks OP.

Some More Context

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OP later edited the post and added the following information:

“Also I wanted to comment that I didn’t offer to go back and get her more, only because it’s such a long drive away, and I don’t feel like I had to, given they came with my meal in the first place.”

Why Would You Do That?

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“You’re the jerk – you told her you were bringing her fries and then you ate most of them. Why even set someone up for disappointment like that?”

Your Audacity Is INSANE

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“Let me get this straight – you brought her 3 french fries, and wonder why she thinks you’re a jerk?? Of course, you’re the jerk – if you tell someone they can have something, give it to them. You didn’t say she could have the \*rest\* of your fries, you said she could \*have\* them. Go get your daughter an actual order of fries.

3 fries….. the audacity!”

They Weren’t YOUR Fries Anymore

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“You gave her the fries. They’re not yours anymore. You don’t get to eat them. I wouldn’t be surprised if she based her order around the fact she was getting your fries.

You wouldn’t have been the jerk if you bought the fries, ate a few of them, and THEN offered them to her. But telling her she can have your fries, then eating them, makes you a total jerk.

If you’re gonna lack self-control and eat all the damn fries anyways, just accept that truth and order yourself some fries.”

She Would Obviously Be Disappointed

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“You specifically told her you didn’t want them and that she could have them. She had the expectation of receiving an order of fries. You then ate 2/3 of the fries that you had promised to someone else.

She has every right to be disappointed about something that was offered to her being almost entirely eaten before you even got home.”

You Owe Her Fries

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“You left her 2 fries after specifically saying you didn’t want them and that she could have them. Pretending you don’t want the fries but eating all of them anyway doesn’t count as sticking to your diet BTW. You owe her fries. And get extra next time so there’s more than 2 left when you get home.”

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