In a healthy relationship, mutual respect for each other’s choices and preferences is crucial, fostering deeper love and connection.

The Original Poster (OP) took it to the forum, and asked “Am I wrong for not wanting to play a game with my girlfriend?”. We want to know from you. 


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OP’s girlfriend has been working on a visual novel game as a side project for the last two years. 


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She recently finished working on it and wanted OP to try it out and give her feedback.


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Initially, OP declined as he is not into visual novels and reading long stories, but after she begged, OP decided to give it a try.


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He could tell that she put a lot of effort into the writing and the art, but after 15 minutes, he got tired of all the reading. 


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She wanted OP to finish it and give her feedback on the writing, the choices, and the ending. 


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OP told her that he had no plans on finishing it and that he didn’t want to continue.


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OP’s girlfriend was shocked at his reaction and asked him if it was boring. 


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OP told his girlfriend that it wasn’t boring, but just didn’t want to continue because he is not into these things, and he did not want to do it forcefully.

OP also told her that she was being immature and was trying to blackmail him into doing something he doesn’t like.


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She got hurt and stopped talking to him. OP’s friends have mixed opinions on this. Some of his friends think he’s right, whereas others think he should be a little more supportive. 

Now OP wants to know if what we did was wrong.


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“Also for most artists sharing work is a way of opening your mind to people. People who paint sharing their meaningful artwork is often a sign of trust. Poets share their hearts in their work.

This girl made a visual novel. If she offered to show me I would very happily read it. Any time anyone offers to show you their work you should acknowledge it. I wish I knew OP’s girlfriend because I would love to read a visual novel.”, said another user. 

You Are A Bad Boyfriend

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All I read was I’m a bad bf and can’t do something as simple as sitting and reading to make my gf happy

You’re Immature

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“Your GF worked for years on this project and you can’t be bothered to spend an hour or two supporting her by playing it? You’re the immature one here. Partners do things for each other. Get off the internet and apologize to her.”

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