Mental health is indeed a sensitive topic, and it’s crucial to approach it with understanding and empathy. Individuals experiencing mental illness face significant challenges, and it’s essential to recognize their struggles.

The Original Poster (OP) took it to the forum, and asked “Am I wrong for copying the ‘joke’ my husband played on me?”. We want to know from you. 


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OP’s husband has PTSD, and he suffers from Anxiety and Depression. 


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He often creates mess around the house and struggles to tidy it up. OP has been struggling for a long time to keep up with the mess that her husband makes around the house. 


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Although OP has been really understanding and adjusting, there are certain things that she can’t stand, like – dirty cups, dirty glasses, dirty plates, bottles, cans, bottles, juice cans, sweetie wrappers, crisp packets, lying around the house.


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OP is going away for a few days for work. So, she tidied up and cleaned all the rooms in the house so that she doesn’t have to spend much time cleaning the house after she returns. 


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Even after he saw her clean the entire house, he would still leave bits of rubbish and dirty clothing all around the house.


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One day OP’s husband put a biscuit wrapper on the radiator. OP pointed it out and her husband replied that he did it as a ‘joke’ just to see how she would react.


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OP told him that it wasn’t funny and that she was frustrated that she would have to clean the house even on the last weekend before she left. 


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Even after repeatedly asking him not to make a mess, he ended up leaving an empty tea cake box on the kitchen counter top. OP got furious and she took the box and left it on top of her husband’s gaming laptop.


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After he found the box on top of his laptop, he started throwing tantrums. OP told him that she just copied the ‘joke’ that he pulled on her last day. He got offended and called her horrible for doing this to someone with mental health issues. 


I'm sorry, I have no idea man.
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“Throwing things is a giant red flag. He needs counseling.”, said one user.

This Is Too Much

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“And while I can sympathize with mental health issues, he’s not going to get PTSD throwing out a wrapper. She’s asking for the bare minimum and now he’s making messes on purpose because he thinks it’s funny? He’s just taking advantage of having a ‘maid’.”, said another user.

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