An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for not sitting down at a concert?”. We need to hear your thoughts. 


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Last night, the Original Poster (OP) and his dad went to a Muse concert at a stadium. They just wanted to enjoy themselves.

As soon as the concert started, they both stood up and started dancing (very badly) along with a lot of other people around them. 

What Happened After The First Song?

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After the first song, a man next to them asked if OP and his dad were going to be standing up all night because he couldn’t see.

The man refused to stand up because ‘he had paid for the seat to sit in it’ and told them to stop dancing and be seated for the rest of the show.

What Did They Do Next?

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OP’s dad, who was probably a bit tipsy then, ignored him and continued standing up and dancing, causing the guy to complain about them to those nearby loudly

OP felt bad so he sat down for a couple of songs but, with convincing from his dad, he got up again for the rest of the show and really enjoyed himself.

The Man Left

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The man behind them eventually stood up for a couple of the more popular songs, but OP thinks they drove him away – halfway through the show, he left and never came back.

OP’s Point Of View

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OP can see both sides. On the one hand, it must have been very frustrating to be unable to see the stage correctly and it was his choice to remain seated if he didn’t want to stand.

On the other hand, he went to a stadium rock gig and somehow didn’t expect people to stand up. Almost everyone else around OP was doing the same thing. 

“I feel like it was a poor decision to sit at the back if he was so concerned about people ruining his view”, says OP.

The Other Guy’s Story

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There was also another guy behind OP who told them at the start that his young son, who was sitting at the back with headphones in, also couldn’t see.

OP was told that after a while, the kid stood on his seat and could see, but he still felt awful for that, mainly because the father was quite polite about it.

“Am I a jerk?” Asks OP.

No Jerks Here

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“No jerks here – I know they were seated tickets, but at a rock gig you cannot expect everyone to sit down for the whole show.  Very few people do. Equally, it’s awful if you can’t see. But you could’ve switched with the folks behind and then everybody would’ve been happy”

You Should’ve Been More Considerate

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“You’re the jerk. Not everyone is fit enough to stand all night and that’s why they choose seats in a stadium instead of arena tickets. Be considerate.”

That’s Common Concert Behavior

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“This might not go over well, but the majority of the concerts I’ve been to where there are seats…most people stand.  It depends on the artist whether their music is inclined to sit.  I mean I wouldn’t stand at a symphony, but Muse? Yeah, I would.  

Even in the nosebleeds, this seems to me as a common concert behavior for that genre of music.

I mean you were probably a jerk to the guy behind you, but to the general concert population you were just enjoying yourself.”

Complaining Doesn’t Make Sense Here

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“Not the jerk. I don’t think anyone who thinks you’re the jerk has actually ever been to a rock show in their entire lives.  

I have been to countless shows in the last 30+ years and of all the venues I have ever been to the only one that people sat through the entire show was at Red Rocks Amphitheater. Other than that, everyone, in the audience stood.  It’s like complaining about people singing at a concert.” 

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