An internet user shared their story, saying, “Husband who dumped me now pays me not to file for divorce!”. Read on to know what exactly panned out.


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The Original Poster’s (OP) husband of 25 years decided he wanted to split up. OP unsuccessfully begged him to change his mind and spent a lot of nights crying on the bathroom floor.

“One thing to note is that I carried the health insurance for the family. He is self-employed”, says OP.

The Legal Separation

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When he wouldn’t change his mind, they filed for legal separation and he moved out. In the meantime, OP got a BANGIN’ new job that covers 100% of the health and dental insurance premiums for the entire family, with a $100 deductible.

OP Still Has Him On Her Insurance

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OP’s ex-husband is still allowed to be on her insurance since they are legally separated rather than divorced, and it costs OP nothing to have him on her insurance.

Is OP Being Petty Or Awesome?

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“But I am petty as hell”, says OP.

So OP charges him $400 a month for something that costs her $0. He, of course, is welcome to get insurance on his own in the marketplace, which would probably cost at least 2x that amount for an equivalent policy.

OP makes sure he knows it costs her nothing to have him on her insurance and that his $400/ month payment is funding OP’s upcoming trip to Spain.

$400 A Month Not To File For Divorce?!

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If you have a legal separation, getting a divorce in OP’s State is just filing a form and paying $60. If OP did that, he couldn’t be on her insurance anymore. So he is paying OP $400 a month not to file for divorce after not wanting to be married anymore.

“I love it”, says OP.

But now, OP wants to know from the forum if she is wrong for doing this to her husband.

Make Sure To Update Your Will

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“Don’t know about your jurisdiction’s laws, but be sure to update your will. In many jurisdictions, if you don’t have a will (and any will you had before marriage is voided when you marry), everything goes to your spouse on your death.”

In General, This Is Absolutely Tragic

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“This is absolutely tragic that the US people have insurance attached to their jobs. I hear that people could be forced to stay in bad/abusive relationships to keep health insurance. Yay for a trip to Spain though.”

Where’s The Petty Revenge?

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“Where’s the petty revenge? It was his choice to leave you. It was his idea to stay on your insurance. Now he gets to live like he’s single, and he gets a great deal on insurance? How is this not a win for him? It’s all things he wants and asked for.

You wanted him, it hurt when he left, and now he kicks your change under the table to get one heck of a deal without being in your life in any other shape or form.

Wouldn’t it stick to him more if you did divorce and he was forced to pay double on his own? It would be the first thing mentioned that you chose and he didn’t want.”

It’s Capitalistic, Not Pettiness

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“I don’t even think this is petty, it’s just capitalist. Our world is filled with people charging for things that cost the person almost nothing to provide.

If OP did this to a stranger, she’d be praised for her hustle, but because it’s her jerk ex she’s supposed to give it for free? OP is getting a good deal, her ex is getting a good deal, and the only petty bit is making sure he knows. Good for you OP.”

Come On, Get Over It!

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“Couples don’t always work out; that’s ok and normal and happens every day. If it doesn’t work out, the healthy thing is to accept it and move on.

You’re not doing that, you’re so insecure that you can’t get over rejection, and you do this. This behavior is a walking red flag, bragging about it online is a multiplier.

Holy molly, there is definitely something wrong with you. Hopefully, any person you involve yourself romantically knows about what you’re doing now and stays away from you.”

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